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We’re a multi-disciplinary business software and mobile app development company based in Perth, Western Australia, operating since 2008.
At HELLO PEOPLE, we provide requirements analysis, solution design, software/app development, and support services — all under one roof.

We design, build and launch mobile apps and web app platforms and help our clients get their idea off the ground and build efficient teams and digital businesses along the way. Our latest and proven app development skill-set, collaborative approach, and experienced team are at the core of our clients’ successes. Increase revenue, improve satisfaction and drive efficiency. We don't just talk about apps; we make it happen.

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Use Cases


Mobile and web apps have become an essential component of today's business. They are restructuring business operations to be simpler and efficient. If you want to build a long term relationship with your customer, generate revenue or provide a safe and efficient environment for your employees - apps are one of the most reliable tools to do it.


Geofencing and apps -


geofencing developer



Geofencing is a virtual perimeter or fence of a physical area, unlike geolocation which is only a pin-point location with just latitude and longitude value. With this resourceful technology, you can access the data of users entering or leaving the perimeter.

Geofencing in apps can revolutionise a number of industries, be it marketing, construction, retail, production, and so on. We have already seen it being a game-changer in the taxi-industry. Uber uses geofencing to attract customers by notifying them of offers/discounts and informing them of drivers present in that area. Optimising routes, fare and safety with geofencing has restructured the management process.


Sensors and apps



Sensor integraton services




Gone are the days when mobile phones were used just for phone calls. Mobile application development is the fastest-growing innovation sector. Now, most devices have built-in sensors which are used to detect various environmental aspects.


For example, position sensors can be used for geotagging and along with motion sensors, location and mobility can be tracked as well. Device's temperature and pressure sensor can measure various environmental parameters to predict the weather. Today, the majority of payments are online, an extra layer of security can be added with fingerprint and facial recognition. Basically, sensors provide a better user experience.




Artificial Intelligence (AI) and apps



Artificial Intelligence AI for apps



There are various areas where AI can be used to improve user experience. For example - risk management. Now industries require an efficient fault discovering services so that a planned prevention measure can be taken in time. An AI-based app will rule out any errors - maximising the uptime.


AI in logistics is maximising productivity by eliminating inefficiencies and uncertainties. Improved fuel efficiency, reduced delivery time and maintenance cost are some advantages of AI-driven supply chain and logistics apps.


A good customer experience can boost any business growth but a bad one will take it down the drain. AI is a tool that can help in personalising the customer experience. With improved speech recognition and assessment of the customer's emotional tone, it can propel a seamless experience for customers.