Change the way you work with Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Software, Mobile Apps, and API Integrations.

Since 2008, we've been known for making advanced web and mobile apps. We specialize in creating new apps, upgrading old ones, connecting systems, and providing support.
Now, we're also offering artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions and integrations to enhance our services.
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Integration Services

Join HELLO PEOPLE in embracing the future of digital innovation. We lead with OpenAI, ChatGPT, LLM, Langchain, Vector databases, and Stable diffusion, pushing boundaries in Generative AI Build and Integration Services.

AI based automation

AI based automation

Our Generative AI Build and Integration Services leap into the future, helping you automate tasks to make things more efficient and unlock endless digital possibilities.

AI Co-pilot experiences

Vector databases

Vector database development services include analyzing data needs, proposing solutions, and offering implementation and support for swift and effective handling of extensive data volumes.

MLM development

MLM development

Machine Learning Models (MLMs) and Generative AI solutions aren't just future tech; they speed up product development, improve service delivery, and make finding information easier.

Interested in introducing AI & ML to your organisation?

Software & App Development Services

Choosing us for your IT business systems brings benefits to your organization. Our three teams of professionals collaborate to deliver seamless solutions all in one place.


Mobile App Development

Using web and mobile apps can boost your business growth by reducing employee dependence, streamlining processes, and enhancing customer satisfaction. Our services focus on developing new apps, updating existing ones, transitioning old apps to new platforms, integrating apps, adding features, and refining user interfaces.

For more details, read our mobile app development services.


Software Development

Businesses use custom software to stay ahead of competitors, save money, and make operations more efficient. Our expert team can help your business in many ways. We can create new software, update old systems, provide support and maintenance, migrate applications to the cloud, and develop databases.

For more details, read our software development services.


App Integration Services

In today's business world, taking a hybrid approach is crucial. Connecting different applications helps businesses streamline operations and boost efficiency. APIs and web services are vital for exchanging data between various software programs.

For more details, read our api and web service integration services.

UI and UX Design

You want a standout product. We're a UI & UX design studio and product and service design studio, helping our clients innovate, design, and create beautiful digital products and experiences for their users.


Design & Craft

Design plays a crucial role in every product, especially digital ones, shaping both the user experience and visual appeal.


Optimise & Scale

Digital products leverage cloud hosting for improved performance and scalability. This involves optimizing cloud infrastructure, enhancing performance, managing databases, and providing ongoing support and maintenance.


Architect & Innovate

Create innovative digital products using modern technology to connect people and enhance daily life. Success hinges on developing a technical strategy and integration plan to deliver an engaging and user-friendly experience for your audience.

Our Process

Proven process, real results

Our success relies on a straightforward, refined process that has evolved with time and experience. We start by sourcing top-notch developers and end by exceeding all our clients' expectations.


Requirements and Scoping

Start by analyzing current business procedures to identify opportunities for simplification, enhancement, or automation. Clearly define the scope of what will be included and excluded.


Build and Test

Code all necessary requirements and ensure they function correctly. Work together on updates, suggestions, and enhancements. Take part in testing and help achieve project success.


Go-live and Support

Get ready for implementation and offer ongoing support. Inform about upcoming changes. Develop or update protocols. Train staff. Coordinate the launch. Set up a plan for post-launch support and problem-solving.

Please share your project with us. We aim to respond to all inquiries within one business day.