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We are an experienced angular web app development company with solid experience in software development. Our UI/UX designers and Angular front-end developers can develop high quality and user-friendly interfaces with a wow factor.


Experienced Angular App Developers

Our angular app developers possess the knowledge and experience to bring to life whatever your product vision. For more than 12 years, our team has remained at the forefront of innovation, implementing solutions to suit even the most unique needs.

Drive Business Outcomes with Top-Notch Angular App Development Solutions

We are a leading Australian business app development company located in Perth, Western Australia. We service all states. Our experienced team can:

  • Design and develop new angular web applications
  • Provide upgrades to existing angular apps
  • Deploy angular apps in a serverless architecture
  • Fix angular app issues, defects
  • Maintain and support angular apps
Angular App
Our Services

Our angular app development services

All software we develop is tailor-made to fit your business requirements. Our talented software engineers work with various development frameworks and coding languages. In addition, we always assign the best-qualified staff to deliver projects on time and within budget.


Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define requirements.

UI/UX Design

Consider the user first in all product discussions, helping to ensure their needs are always top of mind for the team. Conduct qualitative research with users, bringing insights back to the team clearly and concisely, work in a storyboard manner as needed.

Build Prototype

Create software prototypes and translate applicable requirements into technical specifications for development. Evaluation of technology for suitability. Solution design, include the android development stack and recommended architecture for the project. angular Specific UX/UI Design - i.e. design the app by considering the usability and look and feel of the target user base.

software development

Angular development include converting the app design to a product. Setup, configure the infrastructure to power the angular solution.


Testing for bugs, performance, and scalability, include angular App Test Automation.

Use Cases

Consulting with stakeholders on the potential use of software applications within business areas and provide direction on a project.


Identify opportunities for software development technology improvements, improved organisational efficiency and effectiveness, and innovative solutions.


Conduct research and development in desired technologies, determine business requirements, propose changes, and develop migration and implementation plans.

our proven process

Work with the experts in developing a feature-rich and innovative angular app for your business.

angular is an open-source MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework that uses TypeScript and HTML for its application development process. Primarily developed by Google, angular is a framework to build dynamic single-page applications (SPA). The requested elements get loaded in the respective section in a single page app, making it highly responsive.

Angualr App

Cross-platform Development

Use angular to create cross platform applications. A single application for all platforms (mobile and desktop) will reduce the valuable development time resulting in cost savings.

Angualr App

Increased app loading time

Due to component routing, angular applications load faster, enhancing the end-user experience. The code-splitting mechanism ensures only the required code for "requested view" is loaded.

Angualr App

Less code, easy to manage

Less code, easy to manage: write less code for more functionality with reusable angular components.

Angualr App

Highly scalable apps

Due to the built-in feature module. As the application grows, developers can organise the code as per a specific feature.

Angualr App

Easy to learn and understand

Because TypeScript is based on JavaScript and JavaScript is well-documented and populer.

our technologies

Software Technologies

A custom developed software can help your business streamline operations, bring value to the demanding modern customers, and help you tackle remote workforce. Whether it is your first software or fifth, our decade-long expertise in software development will help you succeed with your software strategy.

Front-end Development

By translating designs and wireframes into high-quality code, our front-end developers have a solid understanding of modern programming and design principles.

Back-end Development

Our highly skilled backend developers specialise in building the software’s server-side functions by collaborating with Front End Developers and User Experience (UX) architects.

Database Development

Our specialised database developers offer designing, developing and maintaining database systems, including architecture, structure, tables and naming conventions.

Interested in developing a high quality custom software?


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Frequently Asked Questions

We are an experienced mobile app developer based in Perth. Over the years (since 2008), we have developed innovative, groundbreaking apps for emerging startups and established businesses alike. By selecting us for your project, you will gain the benefit of working with an honest, trusted, and established mobile app development company based in Perth.

The cost of developing an angular web app depends on the time and material it takes to deliver the scope. The time it takes to design and develop an app can vary from one angular app developer to another, depending on their experience and skill level.

Yes. When you have a new requirement or an update, we can discuss what is the best way of moving forward. We can review the estimated time for the new requirements which will vary depending upon the complexity.

If the existing system that you are using has "API Documentation" then we will be able to integrate it with the app. We have experience of developing API and connecting various systems. Check out our API development & integration

We do provide support for the maintenance of apps. Our support and maintenance plans are tailored to fit your specific requirements. You can discuss the plans with us.

There are two types of apps-free or paid apps. There is no right or wrong answer to validating an app idea. Who would have guessed there's more room in the Social Media app market before the birth of tik-tok! So below are some general tips.

  1. Google your app idea in app stores and search engines to find competitor apps. If found, download and check how you plan to differentiate from them.
  2. Understand your market and segments. Decide on your target market.
  3. Do you want to offer the app for free, or charge? How to turn your app into a money-making machine.
  4. Do not forget to create a business plan. Once you've completed the four steps above, you'll know if your app idea is any good.

  1. Intrinsic Intuitiveness: People don't like unwieldy complexity at the best of times, even less so on a small screen. We'll help make sure your app makes a current process simpler, otherwise people won't use it.
  2. Engaging UX: This is closely related with simplicity; if the app doesn't have a great user experience and make it easier for the customer to do something, then no-one's going to use it more than once.
  3. Fast App Load Speed: In an age of real-time, if your new app doesn't load and react within milliseconds, people will move on to the next one.
  4. Scalability: When your app “goes viral” you need to be sure it has been built for scale.

Our team is comprised of angular web app developers, UX and UI designers, product managers, and marketing strategists who provide the most analytics-driven and innovative Android or IOS mobile app that will boost your company's digital presence well above other competitors.

Our angular app development company brings a diverse set of skills to expertly personalise our services to be compatible with any needs in product strategy, UX/ UI design , and app development.

Our company kickoff process helps chisel broad concepts and a corporate strategy into specific solutions that we cater to a user's needs by offering the maximum experience to customers creating high-level ROI for companies. Once a viable answer is established, we'll move onto the app design and app development phase to create it into a deliverable.

With agile web app development, we ship quickly and frequently. Its methodologies allow our teams to recognise better paths for the app and go for better opportunities when they emerge.