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Use Cases


Integrating apps and databases with your current industry-specific applications can enable your business to automate tasks to gain operational efficiencies. By developing an API or using a pre-developed API, your business can automate tasks, increase revenue, promote innovation, increase security and be future-ready.

The main benefit of our API development services is that we provide a complete end-to-end solution, as well as ongoing maintenance and support. Established in 2008, HELLO PEOPLE is a leading simPRO API development company based in Perth with a decade-long experience in software development.


Case 1 - simPRO and Accounting




Challenge - simPRO is a one-stop business solution for service, project and maintenance management. Having separate job management and accounting software can break the end-to-end workflow of your business. If your business and financial data are not integrated, then you will be wasting a lot of your valuable time on extracting data, preparing information related to the accounting department. You will not have real-time visibility to cash-flow and profitability. The critical issues will be known after the event has occurred. Thus increasing the business and operational risks.


Solution - By integrating simPRO with accounting software you can connect your business data and financial data together. It enables an invoice generated in simPRO to be accessed directly by the accounting software. With the real-time visibility of cash-flow, you will be able to manage your finance accurately. You can save valuable time by eliminating duplicate data entry work in two separate software.



Case 2 - simPRO and marketing





Challenge - Communication is the strongest driver in maintaining a loyal customer relationship. What information to send to which customer depends on their interest.


Let's take a scenario. You have decided to send a promotional email to specific customers who have used a specific service and provide them with a discount. You do not want to send this mail to all your customers on your list.


Solution - With simPRO and e-mail marketing app integration, you can target specific customers according to your requirement. By categorising customers in different groups will make the process seamless and efficient. You can sync the customers' details from simPRO and automatically create them in the email marketing app to create a targeted marketing campaign.



Case 3 - simPRO and sales






Challenge - Sales departments always require data from other departments. It can be related to either project detail, inventory details, marketing, and so on.


Let's see a scenario. You just converted the deal into a project and want to change project status on the system. If your job management and sales system are not connected, then the operation team will not have the visibility to the new project. You will have to share the information via email, causing duplicate entry, data being lost, and so on.


Solution - By bringing your sales and operations teams together can eradicate the issues stated above. Any changes in a project status can be notified to the operations team in real-time. Any information required by the sales team can be directly accessed from their own system.