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Workflowmax API

Workflowmax API (Application Programming Interface) is a software intermediary—similar to a translater and facilitator—that allows Workflowmax accounting software to talk with other software. Example: Workflowmax allowing its Invoice data to be read by using its Invoice API. Another system using Workflowmax Invoice API to read sales data for analysis.

The main benefits of Workflowmax API integration for a business are as follows:
  • integrate multiple systems to work seamlessly
  • minimise data duplication
  • reduce manual data entry
  • minimise data integrity issues
Established in 2008, at HELLO PEOPLE—a leading Workflowmax API development company based in Perth with a decade-long experience in software development—our Workflowmax API development services include requirements analysis, advice, API solution design, coding, and testing.
We have the knowledge required to integrate Workflowmax with many 3rd party apps. Some of the familiar APIs that we have worked with include Dynamics 365 API, Power BI, MYOB API, Workflowmax API, Harvest API, and Simpro API.


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Our Workflowmax API developer services include:

  • requirements analysis and scoping to fit the budget
  • design and build Workflowmax API solution
  • integrate Workflowmax with other system to read/write data
  • provide Workflowmax API integration testing

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How much does it cost to develop a Workflowmax integration?

The cost of integrating Workflowmax with another app depends on the scope of the project. The time and material (developers) required for the solution design and coding determine the price.
Once the high-level requirements are clear, we are able to provide an estimate or a fixed price quote for most API integration projects. Our mature internal processes and code repository means we can turn around projects faster, resulting in a lower price.
Developing an API does not mean it can be a one-off development cost. An API requires regular updates, upgrades, and maintenance. Therefore, it is vital to select a company that you can trust, have a solid track record and based in Australia.


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