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we design, develop, launch, and maintain high quality react web apps & react-native mobile apps.

We are an experienced react js web app and react-native mobile app development company with solid experience in software development (including both front and back-end development). We have the skills and practical know-how to write JavaScript and experienced with modern front-end JavaScript frameworks.

React js is a popular front-end development languages. It is the prefered coding language for single-page web apps. React Native is a cross-platform app development coding language. It allows sharing the screens and codebase in an android and iOS app. Our developers are experts in deploying large-scale and innovative React applications.

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We are a perth based company, but we service all states and cities, including melbourne, sydney, brisbane, adelaide.



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Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define requirements.
ui/ux design
Consider the user first in all product discussions, helping to ensure their needs are always top of mind for the team. Conduct qualitative research with users, bringing insights back to the team clearly and concisely, work in a storyboard manner as needed.
build prototype
Create software prototypes and translate applicable requirements into technical specifications for development. Evaluation of technology for suitability. Solution design, include the android development stack and recommended architecture for the project. react specific UX/UI Design - i.e. design the app by considering the usability and look and feel of the target user base.
react app development
react development include converting the app design to a web app. react Native allows the creation of mobile apps from a shared front-end codebase.
Testing for bugs, performance, and scalability, include react App Test Automation.
use cases
Consulting with stakeholders on the potential use of software applications within business areas and provide direction on a project.
Identify opportunities for software development technology improvements, improved organisational efficiency and effectiveness, and innovative solutions.
Conduct research and development in desired technologies, determine business requirements, propose changes, and develop migration and implementation plans.



interested in creating a high quality react web app or react-native mobile app?

let’s get a fixed price quote.

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adapt to meet customer demands. before they demand it.


I can highly recommend Sony from HELLO PEOPLE who are the masters in Software and apps space development. They have the unique ability to really listen and care for their clients end goals. If your thinking about developing an app or wanting some custom software to help your business run smoothly in and outside the office then get in contact with Sony.

Name: Joshua Leader
Position: Director
Company: The Agency

I have known Sony Sindhe for several years and seen the success that the work her business HELLO PEOPLE has achieved for many businesses. Sony and HELLO PEOPLE bring the ability to create significant business efficiency through the use of their technology. They deliver this service to businesses in a very personable way and assist their clients closely along the journey to implementation.

Name: Steven Brown
Position: Founding Director | Commercial Lawyer
Company: Lynn & Brown Lawyers

Sony has provided me with some great support in the development of an App for Diabetes WA. I am excited about the opportunities her team can create in the future. Thanks again Sony.

Name: Stuart Fellows
Position: NDSS General Manager
Company: DiabetesWA

AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure




software technologies


A custom developed software can help your business streamline operations, bring value to the demanding modern customers, and help you tackle remote workforce. Whether it is your first software or fifth, our decade-long expertise in software development will help you succeed with your software strategy.


Beautiful front-end development technologies.

front-end development

By translating designs and wireframes into high-quality code, our front-end developers have a solid understanding of modern programming and design principles.

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Latest back-end development technologies.

back-end development

Our highly skilled backend developers specialise in building the software’s server-side functions by collaborating with Front End Developers and User Experience (UX) architects.

Powerful database development technologies.

database development

Our specialised database developers offer designing, developing and maintaining database systems, including architecture, structure, tables and naming conventions.


work with the experts in developing a feature-rich and innovative react apps for your business.

react JS is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Developed by Facebook, it is used only for the view layer of the web application.


react App Development Services

the benefits of react and react native

  • Development Efficiency: developers are able to reuse and recycle components developed before. They can also share their codebase and work much faster.
  • Native-like User Experience: you don’t have to overpay for native development to build high-performance web apps with an absolutely great user experience.
  • Faster time to market: thanks to reusability and many “ready-to-use” components, you can arrive on the market much faster to test your MVP, get feedback and adapt changes accordingly without a need for a big investment.
  • Easy to scale: thanks to clean and development friendly code, you can hand over react projects to any other react developer easily. It is also way much easier to add new developers to existing projects.
  • Supported by the biggest brands: many big names decided to put trust in react. They also work hard to make it work and push for more and better changes.
  • Stable and Mature: react community is just massive and highly dedicated. Many problems that you may face during development, are already fixed already somewhere out there.