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Use Cases


Integrating apps and databases with your current industry-specific applications can enable your business to automate tasks to gain operational efficiencies. By developing an API or using a pre-developed API, your business can automate tasks, increase revenue, promote innovation, increase security and be future-ready.

The main benefit of our API development services is that we provide a complete end-to-end solution, as well as ongoing maintenance and support. Established in 2008, HELLO PEOPLE is a leading Workflowmax API development company based in Perth with a decade-long experience in software development.


Case 1 - Workflowmax and Xero




Challenge - A project management software ensures proper execution of operations. Accounting software ensures proper execution of accounting processes.


Segregated project management and accounting systems can generate the possibility of documents being lost among departments. If one wants to access an invoice generated in the accounting system, they will have to ask the department.


Solution - Integration brings the accounting and operation team together, making job management and payment processes seamless. Any invoice can be shared with the integrated project management system and accounting system. This eliminates the possibility of documents being lost between departments.



Case 2 - Workflowmax and Marketing





Challenge - Integrating your marketing system with Workflowmax will take your internal process to the next level.


Let's look at a scenario. Suppose, you want to convert a deal into a project, but you have to communicate certain aspects of the deal with the operation team. This is eating up the time which you can use for more critical business issues.


Solution - Integrated Project management and marketing system can help you convert deals into a project in real-time. Making your internal process streamlined and efficient. You can also use data gathered from the project management system to analyse certain patterns that can help you develop effective marketing strategies.



Case 3 - Workflowmax and Sales






Challenge - You want to initiate the project as soon as the deal is closed, but you don't have the real-time view of the sales department activities.


Or there is a new requirement from the client, and it has not been passed on to the projects team. Causing your business to lose reputation in front of your client, Which can affect your business drastically.


Solution - Integrating both programs eliminates the above-stated challenges. Having a real-time view of sales department activities keeps you up-to-date, and provides you with all the details required to start a project ASAP. Eradicating any time-waste in information transfer between the two departments.