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System integrations are becoming the norm due to the popularity of cloud systems.

The popularity of cloud software and apps have resulted in many businesses taking an integrated approach to IT business systems. The cloud systems such as Xero, Harvest, Myob, Cargowise are specialised in one or few areas, resulting many businesses using multiple, but user-friendly and feature-rich cloud business applications.

Our systems integration services start with an analysis of your current IT business systems. During this process, we will go through your current cloud, and locally installed software, the purpose of those software, and business workflows at a high-level. It will enable us to analyse and propose the alternatives and a high-level strategic roadmap for the future state of the integrated systems environment. At this stage, we should be able to provide a cost and time estimate as well.


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Eliminate data duplication



Ensure one source of truth for data.

If your business is continuously looking at ways to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, by now, you must have tried or already using cloud software. There is a high possibility that you can eventually end up with multiple systems. Our API solution design for your multi-systems scenario will ensure the systems are nicely linked, data flows through seamlessly, and there is minimum data duplication.



Eliminate data duplication

Specialised cloud systems can deliver many business benefits, however, it can make your staff frustrated with data entry. We have witnessed duplicate data across many systems, in some instances typed different, making it difficult to identify. Duplicate data results in data security and internal audit related issues. Our API developers have the skills and experience to transfer master data across multiple systems to ensure consistency, reliability, and by capturing data once, at the source.



Design business workflows with multiple systems

The business workflows or swimlanes defines your business from the competition. For example, the supply chain workflows of Mcdonals can be crucial for its service delivery. Our business integration services will ensure that the overall integrated framework will fit below your business workflows. We will align multiple systems with the process to ensure that the final outcome results in a seamless multi-system driven workflow.



Design business workflows


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