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Food delivery apps are great but are they really adding value? Promote your own app, not others!

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Value of your restaurant is your customers — not their own customers.

Your restaurant is your investment, your hard work, your ideas and creations, your love for food. It is the local and repeat customers what matters the most. Convert them to your customers by offering your own app.

Stop paying sales commissions to 3rd party App companies.

Sales commissions charged by 3rd party food ordering app companies are in the range of 20-35%. Your profit margin — most likely — is less than what you pay as commissions. Because you did not have an option then — but, now you do.

A custom designed Android and iPhone App for your restaurant.

The Android and iPhone restaurant mobile apps we provide are 100% customised to fit your brand. Showcase the app store links on your website and other marketing material. Encourage your customers to download 'your restaurant app'.

Complete control over restaurant setup via a configurable administration panel.

Download the iPad Admin App to setup and configure your restaurant. Admin App is loaded with features useful to operate a restaurant. It takes less than 30mins to configure.

Features your customers will love.

View items and place orders from a mobile. Get notified. Pay online. Save from discounts and promos you offer. Delivery, Take-away, Dine-in options as per your setup.

Features you and your employee will love.

Auto-print orders. Use iPad app to view, edit, print orders. Use iPad app to run the entire restaurant — it is your choice. POS with invoicing function, and many more.

Custom iPhone and Android Restaurant Apps + WIZREST Admin App + Bluetooth Printer

WIZREST is a mobile app based restaurant management system that is designed to perform key functions in a restaurant via Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.
The main benefit of WIZREST over a traditional Point of Sales (POS) based solution is that it is a cloud based, hosted solution that does not require expensive software and hardware, it allows customers to place orders via phones, and automates the internal order taking and operations.
WIZREST Restaurant & Café Mobile App system is simple to configure, easy to operate, and maintenance free as we take care of our hosted infrastructure that supports the system.

The overall solution is comprised of 3 individual apps:

  1. WIZREST iPad App is used as the admin console and contains the configuration.
  2. WIZREST iPhone App delivers the order taking functionality within a restaurant.
  3. WIZREST Customer Apps come with an iPhone and Android App custom designed to match the theme of your restaurant.


  • Complete control over restaurant setup via a configurable administration panel.
  • Easy menu setup with the option to separate between bar and kitchen menu items.
  • Option to link printers to bar and kitchen menu for auto-printing.
  • Table numbering and table based invoicing.
  • Ability to take dine-in, take away,and delivery orders.
  • Daily sales and other useful reports.
  • Quick contact option with one touch support.
  • Track waiter attendance and reports.

Explore our Android, iPhone and iPad apps for yourself.

WIZREST – Admin App

With WIZREST, it takes less than 20 minutes to register and operate a fully automated restaurant and café management system. It provides you with complete control over the restaurant setup via a configurable administration panel.


  • Easy menu setup with the option to separate between bar and kitchen menu items allows you to create multiple menus and menu based item pricing. Each menu can be linked to a printer, enabling you to auto print orders in the bar or kitchen.
  • Within the restaurant, WIZREST allows you to configure the table setup that will allow the waiters to take orders using their phones.
  • WIZREST allows you to configure the restaurant to take dine in, takeaway, and delivery related orders.
  • The takeaway and delivery related orders can be configured to make the payments online using a credit card.
  • The app comes with a complete list of reports that will display the daily sales and many other useful reports.

WIZREST In-house Mobile App

WIZORDERS In-house App is an app designed to take customer orders in-house using an iPhone as the order taking device (hand-held). Staff are able to take orders efficiently, which are sent automatically to a kitchen or bar printer, making a seamless order taking process within the restaurant.


  • order taking for dine-in customers.
  • automatically transfer orders to the kitchen or bar.
  • table allocation and reservations.
  • track staff attendance.
  • final checkout and invoicing.

iPhone & Android – Restaurant Mobile Ordering Apps

A custom designed — your brand — iPhone and Android apps. A customer order placement app designed for restaurants allowing customers to place orders and receive notification. The apps can be configured for delivery and take-away, or delivery only and take-away only options. The payments can be on-delivery, counter, or online. For online, Paypal or eWay is offered as payment gateway options.


  • place an order.
  • provide a pickup time and date.
  • view order history.
  • quick call option.
  • restaurant location map and navigation.
  • send a message.


Do you want to set up auto-printing for orders and invoices? WIZREST requires a printer that is approved by the Apple App Store. The default printer we provide is a Start Microsystem printer. It is a bluetooth printer that can be configured within minutes.