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Mobile Ordering Apps

used by many companies in Australia.

Imagine if your customers placed orders from their mobile phone?

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We take pride in building the most awesome iPad and iPhone apps in iOS platform that both create value for our clients and users love to use. We have built more than 10 bespoke apps for various Perth businesses. We are probably one of few Australian based iOS developers to specialise exclusively in business productivity enhancement and service delivery focused mobile apps. We’ve developed simple iPhone and iPad apps for small businesses as well as complex cloud based business solutions.
Case Scenario 1: Order Taking, Order Status Check and Delivery Management.
Let’s take the dry cleaning industry for example, John is a businessman who is extremely busy throughout the week so doesn’t have much spare time. He likes to get his suit dry cleaned each week and currently needs to place the order via phone and pay accordingly. How much easier would it be if he could simply use an order placement app where he can arrange the service with the touch of a few buttons and have his suit collected and dropped off from the selected address. This process has always the transaction to be deducted automatically once the order has been placed (as he attains an account). A mobile app benefits all parties involved, the customers get the convenience of fast service and a business gains additional time that would be normally spent placing orders over the phone plus a loyal customer base in the same process.
Case Scenario 2: Product Catalog and Order Placement App.
How about the floral industry, whose regular customers are wedding planners whom generally order in bulk and currently they either receive a purchase order and pay via direct debut or credit card. Each time they place an order requires a physical phone call, which takes time with specific flowers, pricing and determining the venue drop and date. How much better would a regular customers experience be if they could could browse through your flower range (product catalog) and organise everything via an order placement app? Hello convenience, I hear wedding planners scream! This type of mobile app can revolutionise how your business operates and can change the way you interact with customers.
Case Scenario 3: Booking Appointments.
Let’s take a hair salon with customers booking appointments regularly. Firstly, you have your loyal customer base that require a haircut, hair treatment or male grooming services every 3-6 weeks. The loyal customers may schedule an appointment directly after the next or might wait to check their availability before making a commitment. Then, you have the last minute appointments with customers wanting a hair style for a weekend party or a quick trim to look neat for a business meeting. Of course, there are customers that visit infrequently that would likely call to make a booking. Wouldn’t it be convenient, if all customers could place an order via their mobile phone with the touch of a few buttons and swiping across to locate your app sitting patiently on their device? Once inside the app, it would be very simple to book an appointment, which saves to their calendar so they can receive reminders coming close to the appointment (might even reduce missed bookings).
Case Scenario 4: Stock Taking.
Any business that holds inventory would likely have a system in place when conducting a stocktake but is it the most effective way? It can take forever and be a challenging task, especially if conducted manually. Once you have counted all the inventory and recorded on paper, you would likely double your workload by then needing to enter that data in the computer system. But is there a faster and more cost effective approach? Think of it this way, if you have your entire inventory available in an easy-to-use mobile app (that employees can only access) which allows you to easily find products by name, category, brand, etc. to update stock availability quickly whilst receiving a reminder when items need to be ordered. Would that save your company valuable time? Why do things the long way, when you could not only reduce time and effort required but increase productivity amongst your employees when undertaking an annual or regular stocktake.
Case Scenario 5: Mining Equipment Manufacturer.
Let’s take the mining industry for example. Bob’s Mining Company (fictional) is a mining equipment manufacturer that manufacture and service mill feed chutes, sledge hammers, hydraulic rock breakers, jack hammers, and heavy battering rams. With Mine Operators being regular customers, the company decided to implement a new approach to providing more efficient service to satisfy a growing demand for rapid response and delivery of products. Generally, a Mine operator would need to know the availability, specification and delivery of tools to minimise disruptions in an event of machine breakdowns (remove worn mill liners, liner bolts, heavy earthmoving equipment maintenance, cone crusher maintenance, etc.). If this information was available in one place and accessible with minimal effort would it change the way customers interacted with Bob’s Mining Company? Likely so, just think about the benefits and how this could help Mine Operators to reduce wait time and improve productivity. Bob’s Mining Company would likely become a preferred supplier for any mining equipment order as customers prefer the convenience and speed of the order placement app process.

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Imagine if your customers placed orders from their mobile phone?

How would that change your business? Think of the time spent by taking phone orders and how reducing that alone could make a massive difference to how the business operates.
We have developed a simple yet cost effective solution for your business as our Order Placement App can help to optimise the supply chain processes in many industries such as mining services, health, and restaurants.

How it works?

Order Placement Apps Process for Supply Chain Optimisation

As diagram illustrates, a customer places orders via their mobile phone which is sent electronically to your business.

Standard Features of the Order Placement App:

  • Complete control over product setup via a configurable administration panel.
  • View products and place orders.
  • Quote function, if pricing involved.
  • Update order status via Admin Panel.
  • Track order delivery information.
  • Customers can track order status.
  • One touch contact (phone/email) option.

Aside from the main functionality, our order placement app offers the ability to provide business information that may be most relevant at time of purchasing; from your company background to an integrated map where customers can find your store easier. Our mobile order placement apps are unrestricted, if you feel a specific feature could add value to your business then we can work together to develop an integrated solution.

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