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Our job management system ensures all tasks and activities are captured and recorded at the source and flows through without duplication and manual handling of data.

Provide complete visibility to job tasks

By using our job management system and iPad app, you will be able to record all information related to a job on a single screen. The project admin staff will be able to estimate time, delivery dates and assign employees to carry out the work. We have looked into all key areas and functions related to a job/work-order.

Our system takes a top-down approach to planning, but a detailed bottom-up approach to managing the tasks. It ensures that the employees will always work with a simple and user-friendly computer system.

Our job management system is not a resource scheduling system. Its focus is to ensure that every task is recorded, actioned, and tracked. While doing so, we provide complete visibility to the job, for the customer as well as the employees.

task management system


Custom build, works for any job

The ability to extend functionality is one of the most attractive features in our cloud-based job management system. We have designed the system with the core purpose of each function in mind. It maintains unique and consistent interfaces throughout the system. Our job management system provides optional industry-specific modules for the electrical, plumbing, and gas contractors.


job management system


Access anywhere, anytime

Do not share your data on a cloud platform that you have no control over. Do not spend time on hardware to install a project server either. We use the AWS cloud platform to create your private cloud instance. We host your data in the AWS Sydney region. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the world's largest cloud infrastructure provider. You will benefit from its scalability, usage-based pricing, and from our experience working on AWS.


Dashboards with custom build KPIs

Do not get stuck in a historical report. What matters is real-time reporting and monitoring.
The dashboards are custom build to track your KPIs.



Standard features

  • Fast and easy dynamic search that will display results while you type a keyword.
  • Simple and easy to find menu structure, that will follow your project hierarchy.
  • Action buttons for every task, that will make your life easy. There is no need to send emails by using outlook.
  • Central communication with 360-degree view with all emails, updates found in one location.
  • Branded iPad app
  • Integrates with our mobile apps.
  • Integrates with our other business solutions



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