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WIZREST provides a custom branded online food delivery app for restaurants. It works on iPad, iPhone, and Android phone. Therefore, it is easy to implement and simple to use. The iPad app is used to configure the overall system. The customer-facing branded apps are for the iPhone and Android phone. A separate iPhone app is available to take dine-in orders.

WIZREST is much more than a simple food delivery app. It can be set-up to accept dine-in, takeaway, and delivery orders. Therefore, it covers most functions a restaurant would need to run its daily operations and sales.

Every restaurant is unique. Hence the reason why we provide custom designed branded apps. Customers can download the app from the iTunes or Google Play. They then can order food by using their mobile phones. However, since we have already developed most of the functions, it takes just 1-3 weeks to launch your branded restaurant app.

Benefit from repeat orders and visits to your restaurant

Your restaurant is your investment, your hard work, your ideas and creations, your love for food. It is the local and repeats customers what matters the most. Use WIZREST to get a branded app for your restaurant, build a customer database, save sales commissions, and encourage repeat business.

Set-up fast

Set-up fast.

With WIZREST, it takes less than 20 minutes to register and operate a fully automated restaurant and café management system. The iPad Admin App provides you with complete control over the restaurant setup via a configurable administration panel. It has a simple interface, easy to navigate and it is user-friendly.

Set-up fast

Promote your brand

The beauty of WIZREST is that your customers can order only from your restaurant. Other food delivery apps are using a shared customer database. Therefore, WIZREST helps to strengthen your brand reputation. It will protect your restaurant from the competition because it displays food only from your restaurant.

Set-up fast

Not a shared food delivery app

Shared food delivery apps are favorite among mobile phone users. Shared apps list food from all restaurants on their platform. WIZREST is not a replacement for a shared food delivery app, for example, Uber Eats. We consider WIZREST as a complementary app. There are many shared food ordering apps available for restaurants. However, you may find your competitors are using the same app like yours. As a result, in shared apps, there is no guarantee a customer will order from your restaurant only. In contrast, WIZREST is not a shared app, and it displays just your menu.

Set-up fast

Do not pay sales commissions

Shared food ordering apps display search results as per the price of food items, commissions paid, and ratings. As a result, it can lead to substantial discounts and high sales commissions. Shared food delivery apps charge high sales commissions to cover their marketing and administrative costs. It increases the value of the shared app while increasing your costs. Not to forget, it increases your business risk as well, because your sales will start depending on an app that you do not control. In contrast, WIZREST does not charge sales commissions. You gain complete control over the marketing of your app because what you invest is in your brand.

It takes just 1-3 weeks to launch your branded restaurant app.

Start with launching your restaurants' branded mobile app. Afterwards, inform your customers to download your app via iTunes or Google Play. Also, place app links on your website, display a QR code and offer a discount to those who download the app. Use social media to promote your restaurant app. Maybe, try target marketing campaigns to entice potential customers to download your app. Use WIZREST to send promotions, new food items to your customers by using mobile notifications. Tell your customers that they can check the status of their orders instantly. They can make mobile payments (if configured).

Do you need help with your marketing? Have a look at our marketing plans.

Restaurant app

We provide complete implementation & support.


  • Integrate with the customer food ordering app
  • Integrate with the in-house food ordering app
  • Integrate with other 3rd party systems such as xero, myob cloud.


  • Average implementation time: 4-6 weeks
  • On-site or remote implementation option
  • On-site or remote user training option

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