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B2B (wholesale) Order Taking & Delivery App

A mobile app designed for the B2B industry. Automate the Procure to Pay (P2P) process.

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A business to business (B2B) is a highly competitive, low margin, and high volume business. The price, time of delivery, and quality of products or service are critical factors of a B2B business. The cost of a product/service — due to number of staff required to process an order — have an impact on the sales price. Time to execute an order — due to manual work, human error — have an impact on the time of delivery.
Among the other factors — the ones we have addressed in our solution — that are important for a B2B business are the average lead time of deliveries, availability of stock, and overall customer experience.

If an issue results in an increased cost and/or time, the buyers will immediately shift to a different company — if not, the negative impact will pass through to buyers business — that can offer a better product/service.

The B2B app minimises the issues associated with human error, delays, and outdated processes. It provides both parties — buyer and seller — to work on a real-time system. It can be integrated to any database driven computerised system.


Mobile app specific functionalities

Our wholesale order to deliver app comes with an easily configurable iPad app. The customer facing mobile apps are developed for iPhones and Android phones and are fully customised to fit your brand and theme colours. Once the apps are downloaded and installed, your business is literally in your customer’s pocket.

Key functions of the mobile app

Order Now: Your customers will be able to place an order from the click of a button. Mobile bookings will flow through to your business.
Find Us: “Find Us” is a useful feature that allows your customers to navigate to your business from the click of a button using Google Maps. It does not require typing of the address.
Call Us: The “Call Us” button will dial your business phone straight away without having to find and key in the number.
Notifications: Mobile notifications are great, and probably the most effective way to keep in touch with your customers. They can be used to communicate special pricing, new product introductions, etc.
Links to Web Pages: These buttons can be used to link to key web pages in your business. It can be an online store to purchase products, or it can be to the service page to read about your service offerings.

Business setup

Business Setup is the heart of the App. It allows to customise the way you want the app to behave.

Some of the core business setup functions are as follows:

  • Configure basic business details such as Name, Address etc.
  • Configure Item Categories, Menus & Price Lists.
  • Configure how you want your orders to be handled. Is it pickup, delivery, or both?

That is just a few from the list of amazing app features.


'Orders' - this is what matters the most!

Among the core features are:

  • Customers are able to place orders easily from their mobile phones.
  • Our Android and iPhone Mobile App with a custom theme to fit your business will take your business to new level.
  • Booking reminders and email notifications will keep your customers informed
  • Mobile notifications for specials
  • View all orders in 'one' screen with all related information displayed within the order details.
  • Orders can be setup to auto-print, if required.

Our Wholesale Ordering and Delivery App is not a finance system, but it provides an easy to use Invoicing and Payments function. An invoice can be raised at a click of a button.

For example:

  • Create Invoice within the order screen with Print function.
  • Accept online payments prior to a booking confirmation.
  • Paypal integration.. and if you need, we can integrate the app to your existing accounting system!

1. Reduce order placement time


The time it takes for your customers to place an order can have a significant impact on the overall time it takes to deliver the goods. The longer it takes to place an order, the process carries the risk of losing the order to a competitor, or customers deviating to alternative products.


Receiving an order from a customer depends on either the schedule of the sales representative visiting the customer, or receiving a phone order. It involves manual work such as writing down the order, entering it into a system, checking the stocks, confirming delivery dates, confirming prices, etc.


Our order placement app will allow your customers to place the order by using a mobile app. The app provides the ability to view the products, and to order in bulk quantities such as boxes, cartons, etc. with a few clicks.
To protect the confidentiality of pricing, the customers, when logged in for the first time, will go through an account activation process to ensure that the app is accessible only by themselves, preventing others from viewing the prices.

Discover how Crunchbox uses our app for smarter deliveries..

2. Reduce staff cost and eliminate human errors


In a typical wholesale business, the order to delivery process involves writing down the orders, keying orders into a system, or even duplicate record keeping in multiple systems, and printing in multiple locations.


Receiving an order from a customer depends on either the schedule of the sales representative visiting the customer, or receiving a phone order. It involves manual work such as writing down the order, entering it into a system, checking the stocks, confirming delivery dates, confirming prices, etc.


The automation of the order to delivery process in our wholesale app will ensure the data is captured at the time of the order placement via a phone, eliminate the need for manual writing of orders, and receive the order straight to the store for delivery.

See It To Believe It!

3. Eliminate Hardware and Software Costs


Internal software systems result in system implementation, maintenance, and hardware related costs.


Hardware and Software require specific technical skills. The time and money it takes to manage software and hardware can be invested in improving the core business activities.


Our wholesale order to deliver app is a cloud based mobile app solution. It eliminates the need to implement hardware and software internally. The price is based on the usage and saving thousands of dollars spent on unused resources.

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