Website Redesign.

Redesigning your existing website has several components to it. At Website redesign Australia, we take extra care for your current website content and your current search engine rankings.

Don’t want to do it right, our advise is not to redesign at all. There is a reason. If the new website do not comply with the search engine optimisation criteria of your current website then we have a problem. This is where we bring our experience. We have completed many such projects, so we know how to approach it.

Another element to website redesign is the look and feel. It is very important to have a clear separation between your database, content management system, and the design. If there is a separation, then our life becomes easier as we can simply change the design without having an impact on your content and content management system – which means, a safer and cheaper way to redesign your website. What if there is no content management system or a database? Then it is, as we call it – a tricky situation that need some careful analysis. The most likely recommendation from us would be to create a new website and migrate current content across – because you are already using an outdated concept.

One of the great value additions you will get from Website Redesign Australia is the mobile device compliance. All our redesigned websites comes with mobile compliance – as we call it “responsiveness to match the size of the screen”.
There is a clear benefit of redesigning a website than creating it all over. That is to protect your search engine ranking – as we have explained above. In such instances, it is your own interest not to play with the current setup and to consider creating a brand new website, probably on a different domain.