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Web Design & SEO Newcastle

Do it right, first time with our mobile friendly websites & organic SEO services.

We provide professional website design services, expert WordPress development, and reliable on-going website maintenance to businesses in Newcastle. For small and medium businesses, there isn't a better marketing strategy than optimising the website for local keywords. Imagine the products or services you offer comes on the first page for 'newcastle' related searches! At HELLO PEOPLE we design and develop websites that are search engine friendly, multi-device compliant, and deliver conversions.

Are you looking to upgrade your existing website? As technology evolves, usability design and on-going website maintenance are key to producing long-term success. With our help, your customers and clients will associate your website and brand with a pleasant online experience. With a responsive website, your business or organisation can be in front of the right people at every step of their online journey.

We use the latest technologies at our disposal to design and deliver high-end websites that perform on any device – be it desktop, tablet, mobile.

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Our Web Design Process

There is no right or wrong process to design a website. It really depends on what we agree to deliver, or the scope of the project. The main reason why the scope matters is two things, Time and Money. We prefer fixed prices because it gives both parties, you as our customer and us as your web developer to have a common understanding.  

The process begins with a two-way consultation to identify what you want, why you want it and how we can help you achieve your goals. We need to discuss and determine the markers for success so we can ensure that your new website not only makes a difference for users, but reinforces your business ambitions.



The fundamentals of our website designs derive from exhaustive competitor analysis, evaluation of your current website and scoping of the functions we will utilise and the website content management platform on which we will build. From these, we can formulate a detailed plan for what will put your new website above and beyond the industry standard.



Powerful machines that stand the test of time aren’t built without blueprints.This is the stage at which we finalise our web development plans by documenting all your new website requirements, drawing up the site map and assessing the necessary functions for your new website.


We’re not just a web design agency; we’re an all-inclusive digital agency, so our web designs are as fixated on beauty as they are on usability. We collaborate with our dedicated Design team to ensure that the eyes and mind of every kind of visitor are satisfied with the overall user experience.



Using an appropriate combination of Waterfall and Agile development processes, we implement the solutions that will transform your web presence. All code is version controlled and adheres to our defined coding standards, which means that more than one of us can work on it at any one time.


QC & Go Live

Following a careful construction process, we test everything from the foundations to the decorations in a three-stage testing procedure.Our website developers run through the site with a fine-toothed comb, our internal testing team gives it a rigorous review and a crowd-sourced third party testing team provides an outsider’s evaluation.


SEO Newcastle.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving and promoting your website to increase the number of relevant visitors you receive from search engines such as Google and Bing.

When a potential customer types a query into a search engine such as Google, the search engine will find, list and rank websites which it feels are most relevant to the search query. A website which is rarely updated, offers little information and is not well optimised will naturally languish and fall short of the ever-changing ranking criteria.

SEO focussed on your business objectives

Quite often we are asked to help get a website higher in Google for a particular search term, usually a term a competitor is ranking highly for. If your goal is to get above your competitors, we can do that (and so can any SEO company) but it’s not a considered approach.

The goal of any Search Engine Optimisation campaign should be to generate higher and better qualified traffic, not beat your competitors for terms that may not even be bringing them anything! That’s why we won’t optimise for any old search term. We undertake initial research first and identify opportunities where we can achieve high rankings that bring plenty of the right kind of people to your website.

Our unique approach to search engine optimisation helps you achieve long-term, sustainable positions in Google for relevant terms your target audience are actively searching for. We aim to make sure it's you that gets in front of your target audience, not your competitors.

SEO Newcastle

Think of your advertising budget and use it wisely. Among the SEO and digital marketing plans we offer to businesses in Newcastle are:

  • Local SEO Strategy
  • Natural Search (traffic focused)
  • Paid Search (PPC) - Google Adwords
  • Social Media Management (SMM)

Case Studies

Our work speaks for our ability to deliver compelling web experiences your users will love..