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Web applications are developed to work on web browsers. The only requirement to open and work with a web application is having a good stable internet connection.
The device used to open the web application can be a mobile phone with mobile internet, or an iMac or PC with a web browser. There are no complex IT hardware infrastructure requirements, such as availability of physical servers, to run a web app. Typically, a web app comprises of a web interface to input and output data, and a connection to a database hosted in a cloud environment. For example, a typical web app can be a simple data capturing and processing software, or a software to process a complex business logic to solve a complex business problem.

What is the difference between a Web App and Mobile App?

The applications that can be coded and run as a web app are very similar to an app coded to run as a native mobile app. Apart from the differences in technology, web apps are accessed via a web server, while a mobile app is uploaded to an app store.
Upon downloading a mobile app from an app store, the device specific functionalities such as mobile notifications are used to interact with the user. A web app, once opened via a web browser, do not have the ability to use device specific functions, and after use once the web app url can be forgotten by the user. Therefore, mobile apps are considered as a strategic business tool, whereas a web app is considered an operational software by businesses. For example, cloud based accounting systems such as XERO are developed as web apps.
The selection of the right technology to deliver a solution is key in any software development project. At HELLO PEOPLE we have over 10 years experience in creating bespoke web applications for small and medium businesses.

The benefits of web application development are:

  • freedom from app store restrictions
  • multi-platform support
  • offline support
  • video and audio streaming support
  • support for geo location services
  • use of advanced UI components

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