Protect your website with our web maintenance and upgrade services

We help businesses keep their sites up-to-date and secured with our web maintenance services. Benefit from an upgrade, update, backup, and/or data-cleanup services.

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Protect your website with our web maintenance and upgrade services

We help businesses keep their sites up-to-date and secured with our web maintenance services. Benefit from an upgrade, update, backup, and/or data-cleanup services.

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Website update and upgrade services.

  1. Review & update the CMS platform if there is a direct update path.
  2. Update outdated code, plugins and themes.
  3. Provide a latest backup of the website.
  4. Content update
  5. Content migration
  6. Fix WordPress issues
  7. Provide complete management of website.

Proven Process.

It is a simple 3 step process.

  1. Contact us with your website url.
  2. We will evaluate the time it takes and provide a quote.
  3. Once signed-off the work will commence and reported on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Web Maintenance and Upgrade Services

We do not follow a one-plan fit all pricing method. A website with one page takes lesser time to maintain than a website with 10 pages. Websites that are developed in platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, WooCommerce are easier to upgrade than an unknown platform. The frequency of backups required will depend on the timing of content changes.

What is included in a maintenance plan?

Here's what is included in a typical monthly or quarterly subscription. There can be items included or excluded to fit the state of your website and budget.

  • CMS bug fixes and updates, plugin updates and enhancements
  • Monitoring of website uptime and performance tuning
  • Security protection and monitoring
  • Priority support when downtime or hacking, has been identified
  • Onsite and offsite backups full and database

Website Upgrade Process

A website or ecommerce site upgrade is a fixed price one-off quote. If your website use a standard content management system or an ecommerce platform, and haven't touched the original code, then it can be a straight forward upgrade. However, if you have skipped versions, changed the original code to fit specific business requirements, then it can be a bit tricky to perform a straight forward upgrade. In some cases, where there is no feasible work-around for the code to be upgraded, we can still re-use the content and images by designing and developing a new theme. The best is to contact us for a quick chat.


Why regularly updating your website CMS is essential?

Similar to anti-virus software updates, CMS updates are provided regularly for good reason. Like anything else, when it comes to online security, everything on the web can become vulnerable with time and hackers are always finding new holes, and new ways to exploit the back end of a website.

Outdated software is especially prone to attack as coding languages have changed and gaping holes can be left which black hat operators are all to keen to exploit for their own gain. Third party plugins, themes and scripts can also present a security risk to your CMS, so before installing any third party plugin or theme on your site, make sure to do your research to verify the safety and reputability of the add-on you are installing.

So if your site becomes compromised, the worst that could happen could be any of these below:

  • Thousands of spammy links from questionable sites which may cause your site to be penalised by Google leading to loss of traffic and enquiries
  • Stealing of private user data including email addresses, credit card information, passwords and other private customer information
  • Hi-jacking of your site to change layout, delete or add offensive content, or change the way your site functions.
  • Changing of your CMS password restricting access to your site.

Ouch! The consequences of not updating can really hurt your site, and potentially your business. Therefore being proactive and updating as soon as new security updates become available is the single biggest thing you can do to prevent your site becoming compromised. If you wait until your site has been hacked, even if you eventually update, it’s possible the hacker has installed ‘backdoor’ software that allows access again at a later date. This means that even though your compromised site may be able to be fixed to a point, it’s always going to be the best option to start with a clean slate, which obviously is less than ideal due to the time and cost.

Why you should upgrade your outdated website?

Websites are coded by using a coding language such as PHP, HTML, CSS. Coding languages evolve with newer versions on a regular basis. In a website, there can be code that are developed by various individuals. All this code require regular updates. Outdated code pose risks. Your website can be open for hackers, spammers. When open, browsers can flag your site as a security threat, impacting user confidence. Search engines provide a lower rank due to non-compliance. Code upgrades require changes to your current code. It requires technical coding skills and experience. Maintenance and upgrades to platforms such as wordpress, joomla, drupal can be more complex due to external plugins and modules.

Your website is the entry to your business online. Regular updates to content makes your site more relevant to your users, resulting in frequent visits and content sharing. The time spent on content is an investment. Regular backups are required to mitigate the risk of loosing data in case of a hard-disk failure.

We provide website maintenance and upgrades for:
Wordpress | WooCommerce | Joomla CMS | Drupal CMS | Magento CMS | Plugin and Module Updates | Custom Code Updates