Custom Developed Task Management Software & Mobile Apps

We service all states and cities, including Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide.


A Complete Task Management System.

Our cloud based task management system designed and developed to manage teams efficiently.
Our solution can be set up and configured to fit any industry.
Designed and developed in WA, we believe our task management solution works the way businesses work in Australia. It has everything you need to manage your work: Assign Work, Schedule Work, Monitor Planned Hrs and Actual Hrs.

task management system


Provide complete visibility to tasks

By using our task management system, you will be able to record all work related to a job on a single screen. The project admin staff will be able to estimate time, task planned dates and assign employees to carry out the work.

Our system takes a top-down approach to planning, but a detailed bottom-up approach to managing the tasks. It ensures that the employees will always work with a simple and user-friendly computer system.

Its focus is to ensure that every task is recorded, actioned, and tracked. While doing so, we provide complete visibility to the job, for the customer as well as the employees.



adapt to meet customer demands. before they demand it.


I can highly recommend Sony from HELLO PEOPLE who are the masters in Software and apps space development. They have the unique ability to really listen and care for their clients end goals. If your thinking about developing an app or wanting some custom software to help your business run smoothly in and outside the office then get in contact with Sony.

Name: Joshua Leader
Position: Director
Company: The Agency

I have known Sony Sindhe for several years and seen the success that the work her business HELLO PEOPLE has achieved for many businesses. Sony and HELLO PEOPLE bring the ability to create significant business efficiency through the use of their technology. They deliver this service to businesses in a very personable way and assist their clients closely along the journey to implementation.

Name: Steven Brown
Position: Founding Director | Commercial Lawyer
Company: Lynn & Brown Lawyers

Sony has provided me with some great support in the development of an App for Diabetes WA. I am excited about the opportunities her team can create in the future. Thanks again Sony.

Name: Stuart Fellows
Position: NDSS General Manager
Company: DiabetesWA

AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure




Flexible, works for multiple trades

The ability to extend functionality is one of the most attractive features in our cloud-based job management platform. We have designed the system with the core purpose of each function in mind. It maintains unique and consistent interfaces throughout the system. Our remote worker platform provides optional industry-specific modules for the electrical, plumbing, and gas contractors.



job management system


Access anywhere, anytime

Do not share your data on a cloud platform that you have no control over. Do not spend time on hardware to install a project server either. We use the AWS cloud platform to create your private cloud instance. We host your data in the AWS Sydney region. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the world's largest cloud infrastructure provider. You will benefit from its scalability, usage-based pricing, and from our experience working on AWS.


Know Real-time Profitability

Do not get stuck in a historical report. What matters is real-time reporting and monitoring at Job Level.



Core Functions


  • Create, Edit Task Workflow to fit your business.
  • Create/Edit/View, Delete Tasks
  • Record Planned & Actual, Start Date/Time, End Date/Time
  • Estimate Planned Hrs
  • Prioratise Tasks
  • Task Scheduling - drag & drop calendar.



We provide complete implementation & support.


  • AWS Cloud Server
  • Dedicated database per business
  • Integrate with other 3rd party systems such as xero, myob cloud.


  • Average implementation time: 1-6 weeks
  • On-site or remote implementation option
  • On-site or remote user training option