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Rectify ongoing software issues.

We provide ongoing software support and maintenance services for new as well as legacy software. For example, it can be an old .net or PHP application currently supported by an in-house development team. Our managed services will result in significant cost savings, estimated at 30-60%.

Upgrade legacy code.

Any software code requires ongoing code upgrades and deployment of security patches. Old legacy software is a business risk.

Embrace new technology to benefit from efficiencies.

A software can get outdated with the advancement in technology. For example, cloud based software has made on-premise software a thing in the past.

Business expansion related upgrades

A growing business requires continuous improvement to its software to keep up with new enhancements, process automation, and integration.

We fix code issues, upgrade legacy code, develop enhancements, and provide on-going support services.

Software maintenance and support is an important function in any organisation. An issue with a software can result in serious damage to its reputation. The software maintenance related issues can result in dissatisfied customers and employees.

The core focus areas of our software support and maintenance services are;

  • Support business strategy/outcomes of our clients
  • Engage business change
  • Ensure risks are informed and managed
  • Optimise customer experience
  • Demonstrate value for money
  • Continuous improvement.

Some common software upgrade and ongoing maintenance services:

  • Upgrade old PHP software code
  • Upgrade old .Net software code
  • Migrate old data
  • Upgrade old access databases
  • Migrate Microsoft SQL to My SQL databases
  • Fix issues, bugs due to bad code.
  • Upgrade old foxpro software code
  • Upgrade old access code
  • Upgrade old visual basic code
  • Upgrade old c+ code