Cloud Solutions

We have a distinctive aptitude for creating powerful cloud-based solutions fused with creative designs. HELLO PEOPLE renders end-to-end services for brand new cloud ideas or existing applications of any kind.

Cloud-first Application Development

Develop custom applications to run on private and/or public cloud platforms. Cloud platforms provide scalability, reduce cost, and encourage innovation.

Migrate to Cloud

We upgrade and migrate legacy applications to cloud infrastructure, improving performance of your business application and enabling it to access elastic cloud infrastructure services.

Integration Strategy

Once the applications are migrated to cloud, we re-look at the integration opportunities to enable enterprise data consolidation and sharing.

Cloud Optimisation

We look at optimising all applications for its resource utilisation and scale to use the optimal cloud pricing model and tiers.

Cloud Platforms

Migrate internal business applications and email servers to cloud and benefit from an enterprise grade IT infrastructure at a lower cost. Prior to Cloud, access to enterprise level IT infrastructure was limited only to large organisations. Popular cloud service providers Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure have made it available to any business. The scalability of Cloud infrastructure help to reduce overall IT costs significantly in the long-run because of the 'pay for usage' base pricing.

The key business benefits of our Cloud migration services are:

    • Simplifies and Streamlines Migrations to the Cloud
    • Minimizes Cloud Migration Risk and Downtime
    • Enables Code Modifications if required.


Business Case

  • Identify Cloud Opportunities
  • Develop Business Case


  • Application development
  • Application testing
  • Integration
  • Deployment


  • Application management
  • Application maintenance and support
  • Continuous improvement