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Social Media is one of the new marketing platforms that became popular in the last decade. The trust placed by the users, and ability to reach a targeted audience at a lower cost are the key differentiation of a Social Media platform over other traditional marketing methods.

Social Media platforms are evolving fast making it harder for business owners to understand what works and what is not. Unlike traditional marketing where each advertisement goes through several layers of reviews and approvals, a posting in a social media platform will make the content visible to the world within seconds, making it a high-risk marketing activity. The posts can be 'liked', 'shared', and 'commented' by the audience.

HELLO PEOPLE provides social media strategy, execution and management to businesses in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. The platforms we manager on your behalf are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Unlike a personal Facebook account, executing a social media action plan for a product or service is complex; it requires research and planning to equip a strategy that will connect with your customers not deter them. It requires experience, strategy, attentive to detail, and ability to produce high-quality content.

The key to social media is to listen, engage and build relationships.

Social Media is becoming an integral part of our lives and is becoming important for businesses to engage with consumers on these social networking sites. There are many benefits associated such as establishing relationships, creating more convenience for consumers to contact the business and also to be used as a marketing tool to target specific consumers to mention a few.

Before developing social media channels it is important to underline the purpose and outcomes you expect to achieve. As with any communication methods it requires a set procedure to assure you are maximising the effectiveness.

We can help you on your way to engaging in social media through:
  • Account and page set up of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Create social media icons on your website that links to the social networking site.
  • Customise profile images, cover photos or banners across all business pages to gain consistent flow throughout channels.
  • Social media integration like connecting Facebook to Twitter account to create ease of use.
  • Provide advice on social media option.
  • Set up and manage social media advertising.
  • Provide general advice on social media.

Benefits of our Social Media Management Services

  • We create a link between your product/service strategy, SEO strategy, and market segment with our Social Media Strategy.
  • Provide a unique and tailor-made SEO activity plan to fit your goals and budget.
  • Regular monthly reports, with statistics.
  • Creative and High-Quality Social Media content creation to engage your target users.
  • Perform paid Social Media campaigns to achieve set-goals within the budget.
  • Respond/Manage social media user interactions in a timely manner.

Our Process

Audit or Evaluation

The focal point of everything we do. While everything needs a starting point, there is no defined end to any social media strategy. The quality of the execution lies in knowing what to audit, when to evaluate and how to do it. Every social strategy is built on an assessment and reassessment of your social persona.

Social Listening

We base our approach on what we hear, not what we want to hear. Social media has changed the way the world works, thinks and interacts, so we’re always tuned in to recognise where, how and, crucially, why the relationship between people and brands can be nourished.

Outlining KPIs

Once we’ve identified what makes your target audience tick, we can define what will make your brand tick in the online sphere. On the premise that creating 10 brand advocates can be more valuable than delivering 1000 extra followers, we chart clear campaign goals so we know exactly where we’re heading.


Now that we’ve got to know you and your audience, we can create campaigns that will bring you closer together. Our ideas are focused on real people with real emotions, so our social media campaigns can develop relationships naturally because they actually make a difference to people’s lives, online and offline.

Campaign Execution

A combination of the best minds and the best tools available means that expert care and precision course through the veins of every campaign we run.The onus is on us to not only enrich your image, but to protect it at every stage of a campaign, so firm and careful footsteps are always a prerequisite for effective execution.

Reporting Results

Analysing and reporting on the performance of a defined project allows us to reassess the approach of your overarching online campaign. The nurturing of your relationship with the people that matter to you is a continuous activity, so it requires regular reassessment.