Case Study: Restaurant Mobile App Solution for Noormahal

Company profile

Noor Mahal Indian restaurant in Ellenbrook offers a rich tradition in food and excellence in service within the hospitality industry. Noor Mahal pride themselves on knowledge and uncompromising excellence in Indian cuisine.

Business Requirements

Noor Mahal sought help to draft and implement a wide-ranging business improvement program, which would:

  • offer delivery services and pick-up options
  • reduce queue times
  • increase operational efficiency (especially at busy times)
  • enable mobile payments
  • increase average order value
  • increase frequency of visit / customer return rate
  • offer discounts/specials.

Our approach

This project entailed:

  • analysing the Noor Mahal’s existing business and administrative systems
  • developing a mobile app based solution
  • provide technical support
  • provide training
  • provide enhancements.


The WIZREST restaurant mobile app solution was selected as the preferred solution. The front-end app was designed to meet the ‘look and feel’ requirements of Noor Mahal. The solution was delivered within 2 months because of the already pre-built functionalities in WIZREST.
A sleek user experience that delights Noor Mahal customers was delivered with auto-print functionality. The bluetooth enabled auto-print functionality delivered instant benefits to Noormahal by eliminating the need for manual order taking.

The Outcome

Benefits to the Noor Mahal included:

  • 79% of registered users have used the application to check-in and pay more than once, and still have the app installed and active on their phone
  • 16% Increase in Frequency of Visit / Customer Return Rate
  • opened up a new opportunity by adding delivery and take-away options to its current customers.
  • increased efficiency of order handling in-store.

Technologies used

The products and technologies used are as follows:

  • iPhone/iPad Front-End App was developed using iOS platform
  • Android Front-End App was developed using Android platform
  • WIZREST Backend App was developed using iOS platform
  • WIZREST and Printer was linked for auto-printing using Bluetooth technology
  • MySql database hosted in cloud was used for data storage
  • the security and integrity of data was ensured by selecting a reputed cloud service provider, and by implementing an email based account activation mechanism.


The WIZREST restaurant mobile app solution was selected as the preferred solution.
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