Case Study: Atlas Dry Cleaning Web & Mobile Apps

Company profile

Atlas Dry Cleaning has been around for a while and has established a solid reputation within the Australian dry cleaning industry, servicing clients like: St Johns Ambulance, West Coast Eagles and MYER. Aside from that, their specialty lies with their wedding gown services; as being such a delicate and priceless item, it takes careful consideration with cleaning and restoring wedding gowns.

Key Issues.

  • Online presence lacked significantly.
  • Outdated website (over 10 years since development).
  • Non-editable website (content has been stagnate for a decade).
  • Change of ownership, inconsistent brand image (outdated website information).
  • Factory location is difficult to find, resulting in frustrated customers and missed opportunities.
  • Website whacks out when displayed on a mobile phone.
  • Hard to find information; navigation issues.
  • Hard to reach business after hours.
  • Colour scheme is dull and bland.

Our approach

This project entailed:
  • analysing the Atlas Dry Clean’s existing business and administrative systems
  • designing of website and mobile apps
  • development of the website and mobile app functionality.
  • provide technical support
  • provide training
  • provide enhancements.

Our Solution.

With a shift in ownership, a lot of fine tuning needed to occur.
  • The appearance of the website was given a facelift creating a fresh look, new brand identity.
  • The website build was carefully structured to ensure web users can access sections easily with a side menu implemented to create awareness of services and simplified web navigation.
  • Website developed on WordPress so client can easily edit content.
  • Map was positioned with a location pin to further specify how to find it.
  • Ability to visit the site via any mobile device with all features functioning accurately.
  • Update of website content (text/images) in specific sections.
  • Content review to ensure the website is SEO compliant.

The Outcome

A mobile app was implemented to add convenience for regular customers to have quick access to locate the factory through the integrated mapping system, make a call or submit an email with the touch of a few buttons.

Try it for yourself.

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