Give your customers a mobile app to place orders.

Our mobile order taking apps are designed and developed to place an order within three steps.


Automate the 'procure to pay' process with our mobile phone-based order taking app. Order taking is the most crucial function in any computerised system. Outdated, inefficient process will lead to frustrated customers, unhappy staff, and inefficiencies that will flow through to all other dependent operations.


Integrates with existing systems

Our order taking app can be used as-is, or as an add-on. It integrates easily with other systems in your organisation. It can be customised and configured to suit your specific order taking requirements.


Mobile order taking app


Mobile order taking app will deliver immediate benefits
Result in instant cost savings, efficient processes, happy cutomers and employees.

  • Capture data at source: There is no double handling. Orders are transmitted via mobile phone directly to your database.
  • Automated data verification at source: Find availability of stocks, quantity on hand, expected delivery dates before making an order.
  • Eliminate multiple data entry points: Integration with other internal systems mean less data entry errors, save time, and increased productivity.
  • Real Time results: Capture data at the source, automated verification, and electronic order data feeds to other systems result in real-time systems with high reliability.






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AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure




Use Case for order taking, order status, check and delivery management.

Let’s take the dry cleaning industry, for example; John is a businessman who is extremely busy throughout the week so doesn’t have much spare time. He likes to get his suit dry cleaned each week and currently needs to place the order via phone and pay accordingly. How much easier would it be to use an order placement app to arrange the service with the touch of a few buttons and have his suit collected and dropped off from the selected address. This process always has the transaction to be deducted automatically once the order has been placed (as he attains an account). A mobile app benefits all parties involved, the customers get the convenience of fast service, and business gains additional time that would typically be spent placing orders over the phone plus a loyal customer base in the same process.