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HELLO PEOPLE is a leading mobile app development company serving customers in Sydney, Newcastle and all areas in NSW. We provide strategy, design and development assistance to help our clients create awesome apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows devices.

We have been developing mobile applications right from the start, and understand how to make the complicated seem simple. Our focus is on product driven apps (apps that do something) rather than campaign driven apps (apps that sell something). We passionately pursue the cutting edge of mobile apps, we refuse to produce anything less than the most advanced, beautiful and functional user experience possible.

Here at HELLO PEOPLE, we want to help you create something amazing that can change the world. We want you to make full use of our skills. Instead of having you commit to a long-term contract, we provide hourly or fixed pricing so that we can dedicate the right time and skills to your project.

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Explore our Android, iPhone and iPad apps for yourself.

Industry Changing Mobile Solutions

Our qualified and talented team of developers will tailor your requirements specific to your needs

The mobile app operating systems into which our expertise and knowledge branches are as follows:

Ever since the introduction of Apple's innovative iPhone in 2007, Apple has been a trendsetter in the device market with its iOS mobile operating system. By the same token, our app development team has been building iOS apps since the first developers’ beta iPhone OS SDK released in 2008. Over the past years iOS application development has been a top priority for us as the most appropriate platform for corporate app creation as well as the cornerstone of user-friendly bespoke application development for the B2C segment. Our in-depth knowledge of both software development and mobile marketing strategies allow us to carry your project through all stages from the initial idea to design from to a successful launch in the App Store.
Android OS is the perfect platform for businesses reaching out to the largest pool of end users. Android app development is a challenging task for any software development professional due to the variety of smartphone and tablet models, as well as screen sizes and resolutions that require rigorous testing to ensure the app’s performance across the pool of devices. Our architects and creative UI (user interface) designers have acquired a deep understanding of user behaviour and a great experience of app design to meet all of the demands and to provide you with a brilliant digital solution for the Android market.
Web App
Here at Hello People you will meet ambitious people who are looking for new challenges of solving complicated tasks of web app development. We can tackle projects of any scale and complexity and have enough expertise to integrate the client's software and hardware within a new web application created by our web app developers from scratch. We are experienced in third-party code audit and can finalise any job, which has failed to be completed by other third-party developers or has taken too much of your in-house team’s time. Our expertise covers such programming languages as Java, JS, PHP, C#, C++, SWIFT, Python, Shell, Ruby, Objective-C and many others. We also utilize a wide variety of frameworks that help us to deliver quality projects within the shortest time.
Windows Mobile
Windows 10 Mobile was released in January 2015, as a mobile operating system for smartphones and tablets. This operating system is focused on unification with Windows 10 for PCs in services and applications. It is still a continuation of the Windows Phone OS, and all Windows Phone devices can be upgraded to the platform. Software for Windows 10 Mobile, created with the Universal Windows Platform, allows developers to design applications for multiple product families running Windows 10, with nearly identical functionality.

App development is all about great results.

We love what we do, our work stands out from the crowd.
  • We can quickly launch your app, promote it to massive audience across the globe, update and maintain it, and provide statistics to improve your apps.
  • We have the most experienced app designers and developers, plenty of well-tested code can be re-used. We always choose the right technologies that save you from hassles.
  • We have the right balance of talents to deliver fantastic work, and we want every project we work with to be great.
mobile apps melbourne
"Business growth is about putting yourself in a position to create opportunities that will bolster new and existing revenue streams."
It all started in my office room back in 2012. Today, we have developed many mobile apps for companies in Perth.
Sony Sindhe [Founder/Director]

The Benefits of having a Mobile App

Our apps help companies find new and efficient ways of working. Save paper, time and money.

  • Build loyalty: You can create ongoing interaction with your customers.
  • Increase your visibility: Establish easy and convenience for customers.
  • Increase sell-through: Build customer database and keep-in-touch with notifications.
  • Reinforce your brand: Your app is always in reach; only a few swipes of the screen away.
  • Increase your accessibility: Build app functionality to fit key clients.
  • Connect you with on-the-go consumers: Integrate Google Maps to help customers.

iPhone, iPad (iOS) App Development in Sydney

We make wonderful apps (for iPhone, iPad, and iOS devices) and we transform businesses by creating digital processes that reduce costs, increase productivity and save time through app development. more details

Android App Development in Sydney

We make building Android mobile apps fun. Android Apps can create real opportunities and we love finding solutions that work. Whether you are looking to reach new clients or streamline your processes, we can help you find the best Android App for your business. more details
mobile apps melbourne
Mobile Apps melbourne

Get to know our Starter Mobile App

The basic features of our starter mobile apps include sending notifications, quick messaging, provide google maps integration to your business, social media links, integration to our Order Placement app functionality, adapting the home page with current offers available and much more. Idea is to start with the starter app and to build business specific app functionality which will save you thousands.

Some of the functions available:

  • Our mobile apps scale to fit any size mobile device.
  • Google map and navigation integration to easily find your business.
  • Quality mobile app interface will allow to create client accounts.
  • Clean and lightweight code.
  • Integration with your website content.
  • One click call option that connects directly to your phone number.
  • Quick contact with an easy to use contact form.
  • Quick email sent option.