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Wholesale Ordering & Delivery App

The complete mobile ordering system for wholesale business.

An App designed for Wholesale Ordering and Delivery!

A lower cost base is key to run a successful wholesale supply business. Use our wholesale ordering and delivery app to reduce cost, encourage retail customers to place frequent orders, and plan your deliveries smarter.


Built for Cloud:
Our Wholesale Ordering & Delivery App is a Cloud based system. That means, you will be able to access and work on your bookings from anywhere in the world. All it needs is an iPad to install the main app and your retail customers to have an Android or iPhone. That's it! It is already developed and ready for customisations and configuration.


Mobile App

Our Wholesale Food Ordering & Delivery App comes with a willy configurable iPad app. Make your retail customers to download the iPhone and Android Apps from your website. Once downloaded and installed, your business is literally in your customers pocket.

The Mobile Apps are fully customised to fit your brand and theme colours.

Key functions of the mobile app:

Order Now: Your retail customers will be able to place a booking from a click of a button. Mobile bookings will flow through to your business. The quantities are in crates, boxes etc. What you need in a wholesale business.

Find us: This function make sure to navigate your customer to your business. It uses Google Maps. There is no typing or no searching to be done. Just click the button, it will activate the navigation.

Call us: Of course this is not a big deal! We think of this as a handy to have. Call us button will dial your main phone straight away. Yes, click of a button is still easier than searching the contact list.

Notifications: Mobile Notifications are great, and probably most effective way to keep in touch with your customers.

Links to Web Pages: These buttons can be used to link to key web pages in your business. It can be an online store to purchase products, or it can be simply to the service page to read about your service offerings.


Business Setup

Business Setup is the heart of the App. It allows to customise the way you want the app to behave.

Some of the core business setup functions are as follows:

  • Configure basic business details such as Name, Address etc.
  • Configure Item Categories, Menus & Price Lists.
  • Configure how you want your orders to be handled. Is it pickup, delivery, or both?

That is just a few from the list of amazing app features.


'Orders' - this is what matters the most!

Among the core features are:

  • Customers are able to place orders easily from their mobile phones.
  • Our Android and iPhone Mobile App with a custom theme to fit your business will take your business to new level.
  • Booking reminders and email notifications will keep your customers informed
  • Mobile notifications for specials
  • View all orders in 'one' screen with all related information displayed within the order details.
  • Orders can be setup to auto-print, if required.

Our Wholesale Ordering and Delivery App is not a finance system, but it provides an easy to use Invoicing and Payments function. An invoice can be raised at a click of a button.

For example:

  • Create Invoice within the order screen with Print function.
  • Accept online payments prior to a booking confirmation.
  • Paypal integration.. and if you need, we can integrate the app to your existing accounting system!

A free for 14 day trial period applies to all our subscribers.

Payments are made at the beginning of the month or year. There is a 10% discount for yearly subscriptions.

Please note there are no refunds once the service is activated. There is no locked in contract as well.


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