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Web applications are developed to work on web browsers. The only requirement to open and work on a web application is having a good stable internet connection. The device can be a mobile phone with mobile internet, or an iMac or PC with a web browser.


There is no complex IT hardware infrastructure requirements such as availability of physical servers to run a web app. Typically, a web app comprises of a web interface to input, output data connected to a database hosted in a cloud environment. A web app can be a simple data capture and processing tool, or may include a complex business logic to perform a complex business task.


What is the difference between a Web App and Mobile App?
The applications that can be coded and run in a web app is not different to an app coded for a mobile app. Apart from the differences in technology, web apps are saved in a web server while a mobile app is saved in a mobile phone.

Once a mobile app is saved in a phone, the app functionalities are used to interact with the user. A web app, once browsed via a URL can be totally forgotten by the user. This makes mobile apps a strategic business tool for many. There can be certain mobile app specific functionality that is more complex to deliver by using a web app. For example, use of credit card scanning, character recognition tools.

The selection of the right technology to deliver an intended outcome is a key factor in any app project. At Hello People we have over 10 years experience in creating bespoke web applications for small and medium businesses. We deliver software solutions that work on time and within budget.


Benefits of Web Application Development are:

  • Freedom from App store restrictions
  • Multi-Platform support
  • Offline support
  • Video and Audio streaming support
  • Support for Geo Location services
  • Use of advanced UI components
  • CSS style-CSS3 based animation

Industry Changing Mobile Solutions

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Messaging Services

Android Cloud To Device Messaging (C2DM) and now enhanced version of C2DM, Android Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) is also a part of Android Push Messaging services.

Google Maps Integration

Google Maps integration is an important part of most business apps. Integrate base maps, 3D buildings, indoor floor plans and lite mode. Add Street View imagery and satellite imagery, or add custom markers, info windows and polylines.

Google FIT Integration

Thinking of an App for fitness and health industry? Now we can easily view available sensor data sources from connected apps and devices. Once connected your app and devices can use Google Fit data.

Youtube Integration

The YouTube Android Player API enables us to incorporate video playback functionality into your Android applications.

Custom Branding

Quality interfaces with Angular JS and HTML5 to impress your clients.

Quick Messaging

Benefit from an easy to use quick messaging functionality comes with our standard fit-for-all app.

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  • We have experienced iOS (iPad, iPhone) mobile app designers and developers to ensure the quality of the code.
  • We have the required experience to advice and choose the right technologies.

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