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Why Choose Our Software and Apps?

  • Reduce manual work. Ensure the safety, compliance, and service delivery.
  • Benefit from local support and training.
  • Our systems and apps are simple and intuitive.
  • We can integrate our mobile apps with other systems.
  • We have over ten years of experience in business processes, accounting, and service delivery. We will share our experience and provide suggestions to help you improve the way you work.
  • We work on fixed price quotes. There is no obligation, no contracts to sign to lock you in. We are confident that our systems will work for your business.


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About Us

We are a West Perth based family owned and operated technology service provider. We started our small business in 2008, so for over a decade, we have been helping small and medium companies in WA with their software, databases, and mobile apps needs.
As a Field Service Provider, you have taken a great responsibility to provide your services in a remote location. Your clients, employees, and contractors rely on you to have an efficient and effective system using state of the art technologies to coordinate and complete the work. Having a system to track the scope of work, variations, timesheets, and safety and compliance are the key factors to differentiate your services. At HELLO PEOPLE we provide you with a cloud based app, mobile apps, support, and training to make it happen.



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Complete Field Service Job Management and Scheduling Functions

Use our simple and intuitive ready-made web application to create customers, jobs, and to schedule jobs.

  • Benefit from a single state-of-the-art system with all functions required to digitise your business.
  • Use the cloud web application to work in a multi-user environment from anywhere in the world.
  • AWS Sydney instance will ensure that your business is compliant with the Australian data regulations.
  • Electronically transfer invoice data to your favourite accounting system such as Xero by using the API integrations.
  • Configure the business processes to fit your operational work-flow.
  • Custom designed PDF and Excel data to suit your business requirements.


Custom Designed or Ready-Made Field Service Mobile App

Provide employees with access to a mobile app to receive jobs, find the location, GPS navigation, quick call, and carefully selected app-specific functions that are useful when working in a remote location.

  • Use our custom-designed mobile app for your business branding or offer our tailor-made mobile app to your employees.
  • Use live tracking to find the location of your employees.
  • Enable employees to enter the daily timesheet by using the phone app. Integrate timesheet data with the Payroll system.
  • Inform employees to log incidents by using the mobile app.
  • Use the integrated photo capture with timestamps and edits for records.
  • Take notes to document points relevant to the customer/visit.
  • Use attachments to share relevant documents with the staff.