We design and develop beautiful eCommerce Websites that are user-friendly

Benefit from a complete service offering for online sales platforms with extensive experience in developing customised and highly scalable shopping cart solutions for a wide range of businesses

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We design and develop beautiful eCommerce Websites that are user-friendly

Benefit from a complete service offering for online sales platforms with extensive experience in developing customised and highly scalable shopping cart solutions for a wide range of businesses

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Online sales can be an additional sales channel, or the primary mode of sales in a business. The success in online selling, also known as e-commerce stores are largely depend on the product pricing strategy as well as the presentation of products. The product details, images, speed of loading, and seamless ordering are key elements in a successful online business.

We are a leading e-commerce website design and development company in Australia. An online business platform can be developed from ground-up to suit a unique business model, or by using a pre-built online store creation platform (e-commerce platform). There are pre-built e-commerce platforms that are free (open source licensing) such as WooCommerce, Magento, and paid platforms such as Bigcommerce, Shopyfy, Etsy. Setting up a Woocommerce or Magento online shopping cart may appear daunting and expensive but at HELLO PEOPLE we make the process simple. We strive to provide you with the best value and make your online business idea an affordable option to pursue.

A well designed shopping cart with good design, a mobile-friendly and simple order placement process will increase the likelihood of converting a website visitor to a sale. Customers demand a quick and easy transaction that is secure. We guarantee all our Woocommerce and Magento shopping carts are deployed on a secure platform and ensure all private information is protected. Apart from the standard PayPal based payment gateways, at HELLO PEOPLE we have the skills to develop and integrate various other payment gateways.

Must have functions in an online store:

  • Customer Registration
  • Order Placement
  • Product Configuration - standard pricing, pictures
  • Inventory - set maximum inventory, enable/disable
  • Marketing & Promotions - “coupons”
  • Standard Reports - Sales, Customers and Inventory
  • Dashboard to provide a snap-shot
  • Shipping & Tax settings
  • Various Payment Gateway Intergation - Paypal, eWay
  • Payment methods
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Our eCommerce shopping cart design and development process

There is no right or wrong process to design a website. It really depends on what we agree to deliver, or the scope of the project. The main reason why the scope matters is two things, Time and Money. We prefer fixed prices because it gives both parties, you as our customer and us as your web developer to have a common understanding.  
Requirements gathering

The process begins with a two-way consultation to understand the products you sell, target market, customer demographics, product specific features such as sizing, discounts etc. We need to discuss and determine the markers for success so we can ensure that your new website not only makes a difference for users, but reinforces your business ambitions.



There are standard 'must have' functions in an online shopping cart, as well as optional functions specific to a business. During the scoping stage we go through the requirements, map related functions, explain gaps, agree on solutions, and finalise what is included in the project.



The development of an e-commerce website goes through 3 stages – development, update content, and go-live. The date of go-live depends on the time required for the development work and availability of content. The content creation can be a very time consuming activity, because it requires one or multiple images, descriptions, and price for each product. The key to a successful online shop is its content and prices. Therefore, the planning stage is vital to arrive at the project completion date, and to agree on who is doing what.


The user experience is the most important element of an online shopping cart. Finding the product, user friendly buying process, and a fast payment gateway are the key elements. If the design is complex, un-structured, it could take users away to other websites. Benefit from our experience and lessons learned.



The development phase involve coding the shopping cart related functionality. If an e-commerce platform is used, then it becomes customisation, enhancement, and/or configuration task. The activities related to testing, such as unit testing, functional testing, user experience related testing, and user acceptance testing are included in the development phase.


QC & Go Live

Following a careful construction process, we test everything prior to go-live. Our ecommerce web developers run through the site with a fine-toothed comb, our internal testing team gives it a rigorous review. The go-live phase involves setting up the website on a live server, configure the domain and emails, install and configure the payment gateway related code, and a round of functional test.


Case Studies

Our work speaks to our ability to deliver compelling web design experiences your users will love..

Benefit from a vast array of technical skills and experience

The coding language used, platform or framework used, its impact on web hosting costs, future maintainability, security, and upgrade path are all important decisions to make during the design stage of an online shopping website. Often, the industry is dominated by the one web developer, do all approach, that compromise on the best suited technology. Our technical skills extend to:


Integrated eCommerce Platforms:  

A combination of intranet and extranet, a combined approach to online and physical store, best suited for mid to large companies.

Pre-Built eCommerce Platforms:

There are proprietary as well as open-source pre-built web platforms such as magento, woo-commerce, big-commerce.

Custom Coded Solutions:      

A custom designed (coded) ecommerce website can be a HTML web page, or a database driven website designed to work exactly to fit your business requirements.


Ensure the objectives of your online shopping cart are achieved by marketing the online shop to the target audience, in geographical areas that are strategic to your business.