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Online sales can be an additional sales channel, or the primary mode of sales in a business. The success in online selling, also known as e-commerce stores are largely depend on the product pricing strategy as well as the presentation of products. The product details, images, speed of loading, and seamless ordering are key elements in a successful online business.

Established in June 2008, HELLO PEOPLE is a leading e-commerce development company in Australia. An online business platform can be developed from ground-up to suit a unique business model, or by using a pre-built online store creation platform (e-commerce platform). There are pre-built e-commerce platforms that are free (open source licensing) such as WooCommerce, Magento, and paid platforms such as Bigcommerce, Shopyfy, Etsy. Setting up a Woocommerce or Magento online shopping cart may appear daunting and expensive but at HELLO PEOPLE we make the process simple. We strive to provide you with the best value and make your online business idea an affordable option to pursue.

A well designed shopping cart with good design, a mobile-friendly and simple order placement process will increase the likelihood of converting a website visitor to a sale. Customers demand a quick and easy transaction that is secure. We guarantee all our Woocommerce and Magento shopping carts are deployed on a secure platform and ensure all private information is protected. Apart from the standard PayPal based payment gateways, at HELLO PEOPLE we have the skills to develop and integrate various other payment gateways.

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Minimum Functionality for an Online Store:

  • Customer Registration
  • Order Placement
  • Product Configuration - standard pricing, pictures
  • Inventory - set maximum inventory, enable/disable
  • Marketing & Promotions - “coupons”
  • Standard Reports - Sales, Customers and Inventory
  • Dashboard to provide a snap-shot
  • Shipping & Tax settings
  • Various Payment Gateway Intergation - Paypal, eWay
  • Payment methods
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Advanced Shopping Cart Online Strategies
Owning an online shopping cart will not end with the design and development work an e-commerce web developer does. The two ultimate 'gold' state objectives of an online shopping cart are to: a) attract targeted visitors to shop for products or services, and b) convert them to Sales. There are hundreds of online stores selling similar products. Apart from online stores, there are large multi-vendor stores that list products belongs to individual stores e.g. Etsy. Did you know it is possible to integrate a Wordpress based Woocommerce or Magento to a multi-vendor popular product listing portals, that will attract targeted visitors to your online products? The SEO aspect of the online eCommerce websites have become complex due to various advancements in search algorithms. For example, Google snippets was introduced to define the attributes of Products to assist search engines to make millions of comparisons between similar product attributes listed by millions of online stores, faster and with a high accuracy. Is your ecommerce website complaint with Google snippets and data structures? Our advanced eCommerce expertise is not limited to just design and development of shopping carts. We understand the challenges faced by SME's to apply evolving search and web technologies to e-commerce websites on a regular basis. It takes the valuable time otherwise could have invested in improving order fulfillment and new product research. Let us, the experts in ecommerce shopping carts, take care of 'technology'.