Enhance your customer relationships by providing a customer portal that offers fast, secure access to projects, calendars and the ability to self-serve.

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B2B and B2C Web Portals

We can help you create fully custom and mobile-friendly web portal solutions that promote your products and highlight your services. We will design, develop, and deploy scalable web portal solutions for internal or external use, providing your business with the functionality it needs for sales automation, supply chain management, or customer communications and services.

A portal is a private online channel through which you can provide support and information to your customers. You may also have heard it called an extranet – where information is shared securely with named external parties, or an intranet – where information is shared internally with employees. Customer portals allow you to interact and collaborate with your internal or external clients and share information such as data records, schedules and documents. You can also use a portal to allow your customers to view, download and upload private information such as invoices and much more. Customer portals are simple to access, but secure. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser.

All communication in one platform.

Improved levels of customer interaction with an increase in customer service.

Portals are easy to maintain.

thanks to their similarity to websites, e-portals are very simple to update and maintain. Changes only need to be made on the server on which the app runs; mobile apps can be more complicated to maintain.

Easy to install.

rather than having to visit an App Store and download an app which takes up storage space, a e-portals can be found via search and bookmarked without taking up space on your device.

Not restricted to mobile phones.

Unlike a mobile app, a web app isn’t device-specific, it can be viewed on a mobile, tablet or desktop PC.

We build high quality eportal applications for the web.

A well planned, designed, and developed ePortal can add significant value to an organisation. It provides process automation as well as standardisation. There are various kinds of eportals used by organisations. Example:
  • Customer portal development
  • B2B & C2C Portal Development
  • Ecommerce Portal Development
  • Real Estate Portal Development
  • Community Portal Development
  • Travel Portal Development
  • Classified Portal Development
  • Entertainment Portal Development
  • Dating Portal Development
  • Fashion Portal Development
  • Matrimonial Portal Development
  • Corporate Portal Development
  • Job Portal development
  • Knowledge Sharing Portal Development
  • Educational Portal Development
  • Online Market Place Development
  • Sharepoint Portal Development