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An enterprise system imposes its own logic on a company’s strategy, culture, and organization. The growing number of horror stories about failed or out-of-control projects should certainly give managers pause.

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Traditional approach to project management shifts ERP project teams’ focus away from the project requirements toward developing recommendations, new technologies, and phased delivery.

Our lead solution architect Kasun Wijayamanna have worked in many ERP implementations in Australia over the past 20 years, and he has found that by designing complex projects differently, managers can reduce the likelihood that critical activities will be left off the plan and increase the odds that all the pieces can be properly integrated at the end.

ERP Implementation Services
  • Advisory - provide consulting support to your team during ERP implementations.
  • Requirements - define project requirements and coordinate lower level use case requirements.
  • Development - provide dynamics ax, nav, crm, 365 development services for enhancements and integration.
  • Middleware - provide API middleware integration and support.
  • Resources - provide skilled and experienced project resources.
The key for a successful ERP implementation is to inject into the overall plan a series of mini projects, each staffed with a team responsible for a version of the requirements and each designed to deliver its result quickly. Project Managers, Stakeholders expect they can plan for all the variables in a complex project in advance, but they can’t. We have case studies to prove nobody is that smart or has that clear a crystal ball at the planning stage of a project.
There is no one project methodology, fit-all scenario. This is where our experience dictates the traditional project delivery methods.