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Digital Marketing activities involve planning and managing an array of strategies and tactics involving client engagement and awareness related to various digital media channels. The traditional marketing media such as  Print, TV, Radio, Billboard advertising can be expensive, requires extensive planning, and often limits to a specific country. If plan and execute well, digital media channels such as Web, Social Media, and Emails can be used to reach a global audience at a lower cost within a short time period. This makes Web, Social Media and Emails the most widely used marketing tools and available for any business.

There is no 'one size fit all' formula for Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing tools require an in-depth understanding of features and capabilities of the tool, good knowledge of business, and key marketing topics.

The 3 main points a business should consider when deciding on Digital Marketing activities are:

  1. Time - Is your time worth investing in digital marketing activities or better spent elsewhere in the business? 
  2. Capabilities - Do you have the required knowledge and experience to execute a digital media campaign?
  3. Competitors - Are your competitors active in digital media, and target your existing and potential clients?

The diagram below describes our own digital marketing framework developed for small and medium size businesses. The Hello People Digital Marketing Framework demonstrates the popular digital marketing tools and where each stands when factored the cost vs effectiveness.

A truly effective digital strategy will include a large number of online engagement methods including email blasts with promotional content, social media and app management, SEO, and content generators/bloggers.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

We are an experienced SEO company providing a host of on-page and off-page optimisation services that help drive traffic to your website for targeted keywords.

Social Media Management

Increase awareness of your business and products with our well-planned and executed Social Media campaigns.

Paid Search Advertising

We are a Google Certified Partner. Benefit from our specialised Google Adwords Management services and save thousands of dollers while receiving valid leads.

Email Marketing

For relevant and targeted database building, designing of attractive newsletters and promotional emails, sending emails, and monitor effectiveness of email campaigns.