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Manage customer-centric innovation with a balanced approach

A pure business focus on web offers unique opportunities for humanising technology and for developing emotionally superior products and services that will help in differentiating a business from the crowd.
It isn’t easy to understand the human interaction driven by emotional influence on a product or service. But we believe, by trying to recognise the need to have a balance between a customer centric and design focus helps deliver web services where your customers want to be, one that responds quickly to changing business dynamics. And because design is empathetic, it implicitly drives a more thoughtful, user centric approach to business.

Step 1: Establish and develop the requirements.
The first step in a sound digital strategy is to identify the customer segments relevant to your business and develop mutually beneficial value propositions that exceed the customers’ expectations.
The value proposition represents the complete customer experience, including products, services, and any interaction with the company. Having identified this core value proposition, the company needs to build the capabilities to reach the targeted segments.

Step 2: Design, Develop and Execute.
One of the most important steps a business should take, is to build capabilities, or to work with a partner to design, develop, and execute plans to reach the identified segments.
With over 20 years providing web and digital marketing solutions with rapidly changing technology, HELLO PEOPLE will introduce you to its balanced customer and design centric approach.

5 key areas that will define your digital strategy

The exact scope of your digital strategy will vary depending on your business and what you do. The 5 key areas that you must have addressed in your business are:

In each area, the digital strategy should look at the benefits these technologies have for your business, assess its current performance through quantifiable measurements and make recommendations over the short and long term.


Mobile & Search Friendly Web Design

What features should you support on the website? How do you decide on content? Who is responsible for site maintenance from design, content and technical perspectives? How often do you update? For example, can your customers make an online booking for your services.?

Social Media

What platforms are you going to support? How are you intending to use social media? Who is responsible for it? What policies exist around acceptable behaviour? How are negative events handled? What is your posting frequency? What platforms will you use paid posts and advertising? What are the KPI's?

Search Ranking

How are you going to raise your online profile? What is your search engine optimisation strategy? How will you ensure that your blog or news page is widely read? Will you use search engine or social media advertising? How will you engage with other businesses and promote each other organically?

Search Advertising

How do you use search advertising to reach your target customer segment? Have you targeted your segment? Are you paying more for search advertising than you should? Do you know how to optimise your search campaigns by improving on quality score to be on top?