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Content is key to successful communication.

When providing customers with written information it’s vital that the writing is well constructed, engaging and relevant to your audience. After all how often will you continue reading something if you’re not interested from the beginning?

The same applies to writing effective content for all your business requirements covering both online and offline channels. It is important to have consistency with your website, social media and printing materials so that customers are receiving the same message and tone whilst being intrigued and motivated to seek more information, make an enquiry or ultimately make a purchase.

Our content writing includes:

Website Content
Website content is essential to engage and motivate your visitors to undertake further action. Most people visit a website to gain information so to achieve your desired objectives of your website the content must be concise, informative and relevant to the person reading. Otherwise people will be on and off your site in a blink of an eye. Our content writers can construct engaging and useful information that will entice the reader. We also embed SEO into our content writing, as good content is key to improve your search engine ranking.

Social Media
Most businesses have engaged with social media to some extent whether simply setting up a business profile to actively engaging on Facebook. Although it is easy to join the challenge lies in maintaining an interactive social media platform. Content needs to be adjusted for each platform you engage, whether it’s creating shareable content for Facebook, visually appealing infographics for Instragram or professionally structured content for LinkedIn. It’s not a simple copy and paste job, it requires an effective approach to assure all content is relevant and engaging to the audience you are reaching. Social media is not only useful to interact with customers but if done well it can improve your search engine ranking.

Information is vital to deliver a message to a specific group of people. If you want to gain interest it must be relevant, appealing and stimulate a desired response such as enquiry or purchase. All print material needs to be constructed using a similar approach to online writing to ensure consistency whilst also engaging the reader. We can create all your content writing needs from brochures, flyers and general print advertisements.