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Classic Venom

Logo, cards and a website, in one place!

Classic Venom is the Australian home of the Backdraft Roadster. A place where only authentic and custom-built replicas are crafted. As an exclusive…
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6 Key Ingredients To Blogging.

No matter what topic you are blogging about, it requires a few key areas to appeal to the ideal target audience.  For starters…
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Before Google, it was BackRub.

It all began back in 1996 when a search engine called BackRub was born at Stanford. A year later, the search engine was taking…
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What Does A Content Writer Do?

When people ask me what I do, and I tell them "Content Writing", I often get a blank stare, “what on earth is…
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What’s the issue if your site isn’t mobile friendly?

Nowadays, consumers use their phones or tablets more often than a desktop computer to purchase, browse or find information. So if your site…
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How to connect with people around the world, free?

When travelling overseas, you tend to get a little homesick and start missing the voices from back home. Calling them is rather expensive…
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How can your business benefit from agile?

Agile methodology is designed to evolve with an organisation and equip employees with the tools and processes necessary to operate the software system…
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What is agile?

Agile software is implemented to minimise the risk associated with organisational change. The core principle behind agile software development is to manage the…
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