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We found the need to develop a simple mobile app that can be customised to fit any industry, any business within a short period of time. The feedback we have received for our idea encouraged us to invest our time on creating this unique mobile app for businesses.

Our Fit-For-All Mobile App can be customised to include six plug-and play features. Mobile App theme can be changed to reflect your branding. The iOS and Android app names will reflect your business. Your customers are able to download the apps via iTunes or Google Play stores.


Useful App functions to select from

  • Mobile Notifications - provide the ability to send notifications to your customers.
  • Navigation - remove the need to type in your business address. Click of a button activate the Google's powerful navigation.
  • Book Now - allow your customers to Book a service, event, or activity. Book Now functionality is fully integrated with our cloud based booking solution.
  • Call - a function that will dial your business phone number.
  • Quick Message - eliminates the need to find and type email addresses.
  • Web Links - a clever way to open a web page.
  • Blog/News - ensure your customers receive new blog/news publications.
  • Order Now - takes your customers to our award winning WIZREST restaurant mobile app solution.


Explore our iPhone and iPad apps for yourself.

Our Fit-For-All Mobile App Solution can be customised easily to suit any business. The pre-built functions make our Fit-For-All the ideal solution for businesses wanting to benefit from a useful Mobile App.


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