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More hours in the day. It’s one thing everyone wants, and yet it’s impossible to attain. But what if you could free up significant time—maybe as much as 20% of your workday—to focus on the responsibilities that really matter?

APIs or Application Program Interface is a way to create a bridge between multiple software applications to allow data to be shared and executed seamlessly. There are 3 components of an API based business solution.

  1. Software Application ready to share its data.
  2. Software Application ready to use the shared data.
  3. API - data transmit medium and interpreter to facilitate the communication of shared data between the two software applications.

The sharing of data can be partial or full – based on the design of the API.

At Hello People, we provide consultation and development of custom APIs as well as integration of third party APIs. Our APIs are secure, solve business problems and also customised both in terms of look and functionality.

Example 1 - Customer Record API

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system sharing its customer record via a 'Customer Record' API.
Project Management System and Accounting System automatically creating the Customer Data record in respective databases by reading the data transmitted through the 'Customer Record' API.

Example 2 - Invoice & Receipt APIs

Accounting System sharing the customer invoices and receipts via 'Invoice' and 'Receipts' APIs.
CRM system automatically updating the customer record with invoices and receipts by reading the data transmitted through the 'Invoice' and 'Receipts' API.

Example 3 - Project Status API

Project Management system sharing the status of the project via a 'Project Status' API.
CRM system automatically updating the customer record with project status by reading the data transmitted through the 'Project Status' API.
In the 3 examples described above, there are 4 different APIs submitting and receiving data by integrating 3 different systems (CRM, Accounting and Project Systems). The 3 systems can be running in completely different platforms (example: .Net, PHP, C#) using 3 different types of databases (Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle db). The APIs works as the interpreter and holds the processing logic for data. For example, CRM system can be submitting the customer name in 3 separate fields (first name, middle name, last name) and Accounting system requiring the 'Name' to be received as a combined field. The 3 name fields can be combined by the receipting API and passed as a 1 name field to the Accounting System.