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The core principle behind the Agile Software Development approach is to package activities into small, manageable increments. The Agile methodology helps to minimise the overall risk to a project, which allows the project to adapt to changes quickly and ensures clients stay very close to the project from inception to delivery. Utilising a combination of a waterfall and agile software development approach or additionally, we offer a traditional SDLC based solution delivery model. Whichever model is most suitable for your software development project, Hello People’s project based Software Development Outsourcing service puts you in control. We recognise the importance of frequent feedback to ensure the vision and needs of your business are being met at every stage, no matter what your objectives. The delivery of new software applications is often time-critical, perhaps underpinning wider business objectives to grow the organisation, save costs or to increase competitiveness. At HelloPeople, we understand the importance of meeting your deadlines. With over 20 large project deployments in Australia involving project management, business analysis, Software Development and quality assurance, we have the capacity to increase resourcing for your short-term and long-term project resourcing needs to meet those important deadlines.
Agile Software Development Australia