You want Google to love your business, right?

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But why? If Google loves your business, it means that Google will tell all of its friends about you. And Google has more friends that anyone else out there, even Yahoo and Bing.

How can you get friendly with Google?

Implement SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation is the art of designing a website that search engines rank higher for a particular set of keywords. A keyword is a word or phrase that people use when finding information via search engines. For example, if you type “building companies Perth” into Google, you find relevant pages to building companies that are based in Perth. It’s ideal to carefully select keywords that represent your business, product or services in order to maximise your likelihood of being found online.

There are two types of keywords:

Local and Broad Keywords

A Broad Keyword is a generic phrase associated to your industry, product or service. For example, “Labour Hire” is a broad keyword. It takes time to rank broad keywords as you are competing against a wider number of websites, which can be more costly.

A Local Keyword targets a specific geographical area. Using the above example, if it were a local keyword it would be “Labour Hire Perth” which reduces the number of websites compared to a broad keyword. It is easier to reach potential customers by using local keywords.

How to select keywords?

As a starting point, research common words relative to your industry that customers are likely to search for. Whether they are searching for a solution to their problem, i.e. “How to fix a leaking tap” or perhaps trying to find a place to relax, i.e. “Family holiday resorts”.

As a guide, use common questions your customers’ ask, as this will likely be similar to what other people are searching for. Ideally, you should select 4-5 keywords for SEO. With a combination of “Broad” and “Local” to start with. If your products or services are offered locally, then it is more effective to focus on selecting local keywords.

So, there you have it. A basic guide to creating a meaningful relationship with Google.

Jade is our Content Writer here at Hello People. She helps to ease the gap between companies and their customers. She likes to talk so if you need any digital advice let her know!

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