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Our online booking system “My Booking Solution” is a cloud based software designed and developed for the service industry. It helps businesses to increase the number of repeat bookings, cross-promote other services, reach new customers, and increase productivity by automating the bookings to billing process.
My Booking Solution is not just a booking form. The system covers from taking a booking, through to invoicing and receipting - a complete process automation tool for a service business.

Online Booking System & App

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1Increase sales


Receiving an order from a customer depends on either the schedule of the sales representative visiting the customer, or receiving a phone order. It involves manual work such as writing down the order, entering it into a system, checking the stocks, confirming delivery dates, confirming prices, etc.


My Booking Solution’s web booking form can be placed in any website to allow customers to place a booking instantly. Having a “Book Now” button on the website will increase the potential of a website visitor making a booking instantly, resulting in increased sales.




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2 Save staff costs


The website forms require further manual work to check and confirm orders, send emails with payment details, send manual reminders prior to bookings, and may lead to human error. Staff time spent on manual work can be diverted to customer service.


My Booking Solution provides complete automation, from an order placement to invoicing. The system follows leading best practice methods, automating your business operations and completely eliminating human intervention in back office functions.

3 Increase Efficiency


Many booking systems do not automate the complete booking to invoicing process. It requires staff time that can be diverted to core business activities to increase customer service, marketing activities, or to expand the service offering. Time to process orders manually will result in delays and human errors, and increased cost of staff payment.


My Booking Solution provides complete automation. The delays in getting back to the customers can result in lost sales. Our intelligent booking processing logic displays only the available booking slots to your customers. The system takes care of booking cancellations, online payments, invoicing, receipts, and sending booking reminders to your customers. The daily performance of the business is displayed in a graphical form with key performance indicators.

4 Build loyalty


It takes thrice the cost to find a new customer when compared to making repeat sales to an existing customer. Many service businesses let go of this opportunity. The booking forms do not provide the ability to offer gift vouchers, discounts, and package deals.


My Booking Solution opens up whole new avenue of sales opportunities to your existing customers. You will be able to offer gift vouchers, discounts and package deals to encourage repeat visits.

5 Flexible business setup


There is no one setup fits all model for a service business. Every business has its own specific requirements.


My Booking Solution allows businesses to set up its services, pricing, business operational hours, and cancellation policy to suit its own requirements.